if you listen to your heart the whole night through

acting is one of those things i studied in high school and a little bit in college,
but after a few films, i shortly abandoned the craft to pursue the production side.

masami saw me in kieu from a few years ago
and auditioned me for the lead role in her upcoming film
while i was in san francisco over the holidays.

i was a little hesitant because, you know, acting is a scary thing.
to feel, to hurt, to spill your soul, to be scrutinized. it’s a scary thing.
but if you’re an actor,
you also know about those incredibly raw moments with the camera
that remind you what it’s like to be vulnerable, what it’s like to be human.

anyway, yours truly landed the role, accepted the challenge,
and is now in los angeles for pre-production.

also decided to stay with the family while i’m here.

isabella is the most fun.


currently listening to:
your sunny someday will come one day soon to you.

hang on little tomato

rosemead, california

isabella loved henri very, very much.


they played


and played.


but when the weekend ended and we had to leave, i told izzy to say goodbye to henri,
and she screamed, “no!”

and cried


and cried.


fall out easy.

my cousins from socal came to visit
and i finally got to meet my little niece isabella.

omg i just want to bite her cheeks.



alec, izzy’s brother, underneath the kitchen table.


i totally fell in love with izzy so i told richard (her dad) that i wanted to keep her.
he joked around with alec and said, “alec, we’re going to leave izzy here okay?”
alec adamantly replied, “no” and then started to cry.
it was so sweet.

mcduh: I wish you had come to the Phuturo RIP party on Tuesday!

i really wanted to have one last night of old school drum&bass
before leaving san francisco for good
and i missed my chance. :(

i guess richie hawtin will have to do..
says the girl who made this (for chris jackson).

currently listening to:
bass drops at 00:58. i must have this record.

dj rap’s intelligent woman

thanks max for the track id.