tel aviv.

tel aviv

for work, on three hours of sleep every day for seven days.



tito, romain and i had a shoot in jerusalem so we decided to visit the western wall.
i’m neither religious nor spiritual, which is why i’m a bit stupefied by what happened.
romain said, “go to the wall, touch it, make a wish.”
within twenty feet of the wall, i started to cry.
i wasn’t sad and i have no reason to be sad.
the only thing i was thinking of in my stupid little head was, “how fun!”
and yet it happened, unwarranted ugly crying surrounded by hundreds of tourists
which leads me to believe
a. there’s a gas leak in the square
or b. there’s something special about this city

dead sea.

dead sea, israel

our last day there was spent floating on earth’s lowest surface, 430.5 metres below sea level.