"i thought penguins were mammals."

my dad sent me an email the other day that ended with,
(apa is dad in chinese)

i think it’s kinda endearing, but i also think it’s kinda disturbing.

• • • • •

stopped by krobar’s music video set to do an interview with sean for my class project.
they were shooting a tongue-in-cheek, 80’s club hoes turned zombies skit.

i took some pics to show you guys how friggin’ nasty they all looked (thanks to jared).



he kept licking his boogers to gross me out. :(


and krobar played a vampire.


currently listening to:
last night..

julian’s voice is so hot

as the clouds roll by

anytime sean calls me to see if i’m down to shoot stills for him,
i’m always like, “oh hell yeah!”

because it is one of the far and few times i get to hang out with some of the hardest working people
who also happen to be a bunch of perverted dorks
who make the fourteen-hour work day delightfully fun.

i took a lot of pictures of people looking left.





dustin and ephraim.




take note of this photo of anthony and how normal he looks.


i have a massive bruise on the back of my head because we played ugliest face
and anthony busted out this gnarly ass impression of sloth from the goonies
that scared the crap out of me
and i flew back in my chair
and *smacked* my head against the railing at chili’s.

how to make babies cry.


gad damn.


shot inserts for 9 hours straight

for sean and the guerilla wanderers.

jessica, in boxed up.


on a lighter note,
whoever decided on using that video of osby flying around sf for one of the obsoleet visuals is brilliant.
i couldn’t stop laughing!


mad love and respect to sfrp.
you guys know how to throw an underground proper.

sorry i left early;
my body was busted from working all day.
here are some pictures
because i know how much you guys love to look at pics of yourselves. :p~