letter from siberia

“i drew you a picture of a time i felt we could be together forever.”


weekend road trip

to philadelphia


because i wanted cheesesteaks.


some pictures.





stopped by delaware for crab.
we killed it.


a perfect birthday


because of the snowstorm,
we missed our connecting flight to barbados.
the next flight wasn’t gonna be until the following afternoon
so we hopped on a plane to costa rica instead.

started here:


drove through here:


and arrived here:


a few more pics here.

and i am a lazy blogger. my birthday was in february.

currently listening to:
while searching for an andy lau track,
i came across a live recording of 隨想曲, featuring anita mui.


it reminded me of grandma.

melted ice cream is the just about the saddest thing.

this past weekend, jimmy totally reminded me
of how much i used to love math and puzzles when i was younger.


kinda sucks sometimes how you end up neglecting one skill for another,
however, i do have to add that
djing will more likely get you hot bitches
than solving rubik’s cubes.

currently listening to:
jeremy borrowed my copy of the takeover bid in 1999.
and the mangohead still has it!


best intro track for a jump-up compilation, kicks in at 2:08.


i couldn’t fall asleep last night
so he read “james and the giant peach” to me.

when james entered the pit of the peach and met the ladybug, the centipede, the earthworm…
i started dozing off

and i think i mumbled something like,
“i don’t want you to stick your peepee in other girls anymore.”
and he said something like,
“i can dig it. can i start referring to you as my girlfriend?”

another side project

to amuse myself and practice taking pictures:
“cute boys whose names begin with the letter ‘j'”,
a b&w photography book on, you know.

jimmy. test shots.


sometimes he reminds me of vincent perez.


jonathan and jose said they were down.
now i just need another good twenty-two
jason, justin, jeremy, josh, jared, jacob..(s).

currently listening to:
been falling asleep on bailey’s tummy every night this past week to

mi peru

the six seconds from 1:43 to 1:49 makes me feel all gooey inside.

in vegas

i am very. very. tired.
but jimmy sent me this, this afternoon.


and a pleasant 8:09 distraction helped me finish off day two of ces.

last night

over beers and bbq ribs,
jimmy and i wrote the greatest love story. ever.
except that it’s centered around canadian sled dogs
and a little terrier in search of the perfect heinie.

anton said i’d be nuts if i ever tried to produce this,
but i think it’d be fun to direct dogs.
emma would be my first pick.

coming soon someday..


mmm cubans.

i haven’t been in boston since i left three and a half years ago.

yesterday morning,
kalli was at work and linh was passed out, jet lagged
so i took the red line to a little coffee shop in central square
and sat in front of their window with my mint mocha and laptop for a few hours,
watching people go by.

i also finished up a sixteen-page distribution booklet.


not sure what to write. about boston i mean.
i’m a little sad, a little nostalgic.
a lot of memories attached to this city.
not sure what to write,
but i know that i did miss boston and i’m glad to be back,
even if it’s only for a short time.

also a lot happy
because i get to hang out with my two loves, linh and kalli.

tomorrow we leave for new york.

above linh’s bathroom sink. made my morning teeth brushing happy time.


currently listening to:
next week we’re having an “international karaoke night.”
jimmy said he’s gonna sing a punjab love ballad.

i’m gonna rock frankie laine’s

rose rose i love you

except in mandarin. :)