shooting practice

kevin liked the pics i took of their performance
and asked if i could shoot some band photos for them.

(a big yes and a small no):


jonti, kevin, jonathan, joe and eric.


you navy rejects are alright.

puttering here and there
with little zoe following behind,
running lines from my scene
and picking up mannerisms from tv characters.

» »»

matt, eric and i took the same photo.. but theirs turned out better.


joey, nat and i saw the great gorgonzola. it was disappointing.


“‘disappointing’ is a charitable way to describe this play.
so is ‘play’ actually. this was literally the worst piece of theatrical anything i’d ever seen.
remember that scene in the big lebowski where the fat neighbor prances around
on stage in a leotard? it was like that, only sad, not funny.”

it’s difficult to respect your acting coach when she directs utter….

currently listening to:

i love the fusion of electronic synths and broadway ballad in this track

plus bjork kills me.

mini project

this evening, i wanted to check out imovie’s capabilities
so i dug up this low resolution mpg of joe and nat at charlies,
that i made on my nikon 4300,
tweeked around for a bit and created my first imovie.

[click on image to download 2.3mb file]


recap la la la

things i’ve done in the past two weeks:

i flew to boston to see nat.
then we drove to new york with alex and joe (two of my favorite monkeys).
i’ve always thought that seeing les miserables on broadway
would be a culminating experience in musical theatre..
well, aside from london.

i’ve seen les mis eight or nine times.
how odd..
that i would be most unimpressed by broadway’s production.
fantine couldn’t reach soprano without cracking her ugly voice,
the sound was too low, the microphones had loose wiring somewhere,
and most of all, the cast didn’t have the *unf* to carry out a solid, vehement,
“tomorrow we’ll discover what our god in heaven has in stored,
one more dawn, one more day, ONE DAY MORE!”

“times square, one of the few places where i’m outside but i feel as if though i’m inside.”


alex, such a hottie.


late afternoon, before getting back to work,
melissa, in her flippity floppity sandals, and i
ran through the fierce, fierce rain.

ruberts by the window, while the thunder went, “bbrrrooooom!”


last night, a few of us checked out the opening of whisper,
a new club in san francisco.

jeremy dances to that tequila song.


harry who’s diva house is so geigh, but oh so much fun to dance to.