photo editors

it started off with charlie posting a link to
this russian wedding photoshop disasters gallery on julian’s facebook page.

and julian was like:


and so i was like:


and then this happened:


so i was like, “say UNCLE.”

i really don’t know how he can top that
(yes, those are all julian faces with the exception of elisa holding baby charlie),
but if he does, i might have to go animated gif on his ass.

the double life of v

back in january i took on an IT director position at a law firm.
rather than making things, i’m fixing, planning, talking and emailing.
this may seem like a less fulfilling endeavor,
but sometimes a girl needs stability in her life.

and once a week, i can expect a phone call from the boss to push me harder
even though “the weekend” doesn’t mean anything to me anymore.

josh came by to visit while i was the phone with him and took some candids capturing my uneasiness.

veanne cao

veanne cao

my office is super tiny


but i have a nice view that keeps me from suffocating after ten hours.


and in march, i hooked up kimmie with a job at the firm.
apparently someone thought it was a good idea to give her a key to my office.

(warm welcome post-it notes on my computer upon my return from los angeles.)

although i’ve passed on most of my freelance gigs,
i’m still working at mackler studios,
because if i didn’t shoot or edit or do anything artsy-fartsy,
i would be very depressed.


the mackler office has a drastically different vibe.
instead of brooks brothers, cottage cheese and distant murmurs of legal spiel,
we have portarock blasting on the speakers and some serious post-production ass kicking.

(me and mike, by julian.)