friday evening

in my parents living room with karla, tina, fang and the birthday girl
screaming like a bunch of sissies to ju on.

hiding behind the blanket.


karla's bachelorette party

we skipped out on the customary stripper.
instead, we hauled 18 girls into a party bus.

the never have i ever drinking game has each person announce truths like,
“never have i ever taken it up the butt” or “never have i ever owned a babyphat tee shirt.”
if the statement does not apply to you, you’re then required to take a vodka shot.

because of the never have i ever game, i took about 10 shots during the bus ride
and was moronic drunk by the time we arrived at the first club.
i got those bitches back though..
when i yelled, “never have i ever swallowed!”

the bachelorette.


destination #1: studio 181. an abundance of well dressed sugar daddies and fake boobies.


destination #2: glaskat. a hip hop club would not be a proper hip hop club without a fight breaking out. so ghetto.


destination #3: harry denton’s rouge. by this time, life was fuzzy.


jules, our man of the night.


by 2:00am, everyone had passed out on the bus.
there were four soldiers left
so we blasted the radio for some quality karaoke time

and ate an assortment of potato chips.


vi sings the temptations “my girl” while i danced along.


when i get married,
i want chris pontius as jackass’ partyboy to be the stripper at my bachelorette party.
how rad would that be!

currently listening to:
we also sang along to

on the bus too.

my weekend with the girls

some random from our trip to venice beach:

• the strip, viewed from our hotel roofdeck.


• the six hour drive down in 94 degrees weather at 11pm:
singing, laughing..
an suv filled with guys flashed us with a drawn picture of a penis.
“ew!” so we drew boobies on a piece of paper and flashed them with it.

• rollerskating up and down the strip.

vi, stacey and me.
(i didn’t post the group pic so that one of the other girls could do it on their lj)


• cruising down sunset boulevard,
blasting digital underground’s kiss you back,
“shimmy shimmy cocopuff..”
and making up silly hiphop dance routines in the car.

• at some club on sunset boulevard:
vi: ew! it smells like ass! who farted?
dood: oh it’s probably me.
(dood walks off)
a minute later..
dood: is the smell gone? so girls, what’s up?

aside from the occasional dumbass like this dood,
sunset boulevard is glutted with beautiful men and women.
if you’re looking just to hook up,
this place is it.

• massive drum circle on the beach during sunset.

• fat burgers… mmmm!

• during our trip back,
we finished off five bags of potato chips,
ran low on gas and the only station available was shell.
“we can’t stop here! you know what they do to animals and the environment?!”
“but they have free car washes!”

• our mascot splooge (sploogie!!),
the head bobbin’ chihuahua decked out a saavy scarf.


» »»

i would have been totally down to support the cause
and get rowdy dirty with my fellow sf party girls
for the burning man mud wrestling fundraiser.
much props to them for taking something normally stereotyped as trashy
and turning it into something hilariously fun and badass.
sorry you guys couldn’t do it this weekend. :(

california visit recap

nothing is more comforting than
catching up at the family dinner table with mom’s home cooking.

all girls slumber party at vi’s house.
we were all being sissy la la while watching the ring.
the freakiest part of the night was when the phone rang
immediately after the movie ended.
we all jumped up and screamed.
vi also surprised me with a birthday cake.

fresh catfish and stir-fried yummies | vi, karla, me & the birthday cake |
karla doing the cabbage patch


techno party in oakland.
it was nice seeing the reaction on people’s faces when they saw me.
“WTF?? what?? you’re here!!”

nico went all crazy on us | alida looking as cute as ever | miki and me


hung out in san francisco with tina and bought snowboards.
it felt like summer.

me in summer gear | tina in summer gear | patrice and her friendly snake


zeitgeist with rick, sean, tina, and lauren.
then dna lounge for goldie.
ran around the streets with tina tina the sperm cleana,
hollerin’ at random cute boys (like old times).
fell asleep in sean’s car before midnight and missed the whole show.

corey on the decks at dna | tequila shots | trailer at butter


lots and lots of sleep.

snowboarding in tahoe with vi, khai, tina and patrice.
found hikaru on the sugar and spice run,
got too excited and we fell on each other.
i took pics on a disposable camera.
i’ll upload when i develop them.

i will be here until sunday.

due to the mexico vow

this past weekend,
three of my favorite crackheads and i


(and two other girls) took a trip to the flashiest, most sinful city in america:
las vegas, nevada.


i’m really going to miss karla; the other clumsy girl,
tina; crazy girl gone wild,
and vi;
the sacrificial flirt who got us vip’ed for five out of six clubs
and had the guts to show the crowd the wokka wokka
while dancing on stage at coyote ugly.

you win the mvp award this time miss ghetto *fob*ulous.


tina and vi and the foot long pina-colada-strawberry-daquiry.


more pics here.

currently listening to:
sorry, but i can’t get off the catchy hiphop tip.

imma be the one to break it to ya

down it.

friday night,
guest listed at ghetto clubs in downtown san jose
with karla, ranie, john, vi, cedrick, paula, mark, cathy..
same shit, different weekend.

me and vi


today, mike and i checked out “24 hour party people”,
an excellent film on the launch of factory recordings in manchester..
which of course, partially initiated the beginning of electronic music
and the scene as we know it today.

one of the funniest, coolest guys i know.


dinner with the girls

as always, an uproar of laughter and the most interesting,
comical discussions surface when we all get together.
tonight though, i felt a little alienated.. being the only single girl in the group,
i couldn’t really empathize with them.. all this talk about relationships with their boyfriends.


john's birthday

bouncy hip hop at club icon.


karla and vi.

currently listening to

check baby check baby 1-2-3-4