shooting practice

kevin liked the pics i took of their performance
and asked if i could shoot some band photos for them.

(a big yes and a small no):


jonti, kevin, jonathan, joe and eric.


oh yeah, and

happy new years!

i spent my nye at ruby skye [i can’t believe people actually paid 100 bucks for a ticket]
and otherworld.

don’t remember much of the evening
except that there was
a lot of dancing
a lot of kissing
and a lot of good friends, old friends..

6am and still partying like a rockstar.


» »»

2004 was the year of dealing with random unnecessary bullshit.
2005 will be the year of random projects.

currently listening to:

beyond the sea

for kendrick, who pushes me, even from japan.

"ew! i totally saw your package."

kendrick leaves for japan in a few days.
our bbc mission this weekend was to get him ishtfaced.

5am. jeremy: “you can fuck with me, but don’t fuck with my egg mcmuffin.”
kendrick does so.

at one point, late in the evening, early in the morning,
jeremy and i raced down the saratoga hills with our pants pulled down to our ankles,
baring our undies. we both fell into the dirt, laughing hysterically.
i don’t think i’ve never not had fun with bbc.

hikaru is one of my favorite persons to take pics of [at the korean bbq restaurant].


and again in the backseat of jeremy’s car.


currently listening to:
i asked andreas if we could stay in the car a little longer so i could hear the rest of

this song
the lyrics are so catchy!


kendrick, brianna, josh, jeremy, sharon, lily and i celebrated change.
we hiked down to the creek behind my apartment complex..
then hopped a fence into the pool and hot tub around 3am.
we were a tad bit loud.
the police eventually came and threatened eviction.
too bad they didn’t get my name, those monkeys.