summery things

deanna couldn’t make it and alida is a vegetarian.
which meant kim and i had the task of inhaling five dozen oysters.


happy birthday to me.

my friends are scattered around the world,
but i found a way for twenty of us to do something together for my birthday this year.

the request was simple.
1. blast wreckx-n-effect’s “rumpshaker”
2. hit record on the camera
3. dance
4. send me the footage

an anniversary of my 25th birthday

a quick paris weekend was more trouble than it was worth
so i spent my birthday in town.
had dinner with two of my best friends, phan and kim.

these two crack me up.
kimmie suggested i embellish my blog so that when i’m old and senile,
i can look back and be like, “oh wow, i was so cool.”

and then our dinner conversation became absurd, silly prattle.
“if you skydive naked, do you let out like, the biggest queef when you land?”
“what do you say to a girl with two black eyes? nothing, you already told the bitch twice.”

but then we started going through our bucket list and i realized how simple mine was
and that i could pretty much accomplish all of them this year if i tried hard enough.
some of the things included?
        – jump off a cliff
        – ride a camel
        – aurora borealis

and then i hung out with some friends on a bus (with michelle).

veanne cao

this bus.


adorable jenni took a bunch of pictures, but my stupid mug is in all of them.

veanne cao

so i’ll spare you.

currently listening to:
i’d like to think we were dancing to this song in the picture above.


it's gonna take it, but we'll make it one day

kirk asked me to design the book cover
for his finding my soulmate, one nightstand at a time.

so i drew inspiration from my past,
the specks that each left a moment
that made me think, “wow. this person could be the one.”

i wanted to capture these moments
in polaroids, in a pile, on a table.

so i sat down and thought of all the whimsies,
and i scribbled and scribbled and started to shoot.


but before i could finish shooting the collection of girls,
he decided to go in a different direction.
oh well, can’t win them all.

happy holidays!

before disbanding,
the devoe street girls had a christmas spectacular
by ice skating near the rockaways
and getting our picture taken with santa.

i think santa was high.

currently listening to:
pink martini’s non-denominational holiday album is really well produced.
definitely check it out.

songs in yiddish, ukrainian…
i especially love the european, spanish textures in this chinese classic.


concrete jungle where dreams are made of

i told didi new york was like the abusive boyfriend who keeps beating the crap out of me
but i can’t leave him because the sex is too good.

then kim gave me a better analogy,
“california is like the cool, awesome aunt you sometimes visit and have fun with,
but new york is your hard-hitting dad, who you try so constantly to win approval from
and one pat on the back from him means the world. ”

but rain said it best,
“if you move home because you can’t make rent,
then you don’t belong in new york.”

and so here i am, hustlin’.

sometimes i build websites to feed the belly.


but right now,
i feel like i’m spending more time feeding the belly,
than feeding the soul.

hello williamsburg

i arrived home to this on my front door

beware of dog

(this would’ve been more accurate.)

and this (censored) on my wall.

beware of dog

i suspect it was, once again, the shenanigany-doings of this floozy.

came home this afternoon

and found this hanging on my lampshade.


me: “thanks kim.”
kim: “why you gotta assume it was me?”


kim: “cause it waaa-aas!!! heehee!”

friday night




i am the best photographer.


i don’t know who this kid is, but he was fun.


kim in bliss with her taco at the woods.


not just any good time…


friday night was also the first night the four of us have ever gone out together.


currently listening to:
not a huge fan of indie rock,
but i really like arcade fire.

so you’re standing on the opposite shore.

memorial day weekend of bbqs & movie night

when we got the grill,
the girls were like,
“one of us needs to get a boyfriend who knows how to use it.”
wtf? you can learn anything on the internet.

i took on the task and honestly,
i’m not sure why dudes have such a hold on the whole bbq thing.
i’m gonna be grill master by the end of the summer.


tentatively set to start shooting film on the 21st,
so i’ve been practicing framing, over the shoulder shots, etc. to prep.









this weekend’s movie in the backyard: dirty dancing, havana nights

because i love diego luna.

currently listening to:
ain’t nobody dope as me, i’m just so fresh, so clean.


sunday afternoon

kim performs “i am a bean”,
an interpretive dance from her one woman show
to desree’s

kissing you


girls are silly

sometimes we like to put on stupid dresses


and dance around the house to

em jay


[poor fanny looks so confused.]

house party in the lower east side

i got your message.


[by julian]

vinny, our gracious host.


shawn came to visit. it felt like having a piece of home with me.


[also by julian]

the pretty ones cannot be trusted.





i have adorable roommates


who also happen to be like, a foot taller than me,
so i always look like a potato standing next to them.


my roommate

kimmie cracks me up.

yo call me