tahoe, california

ending 2015 with a trip to the mountains with two of my best friends.
we were the last ones on the slope.

northstar tahoe ski lift
lake tahoe snow mountains
(vi chugging her vodka-filled water bottle before the big drop.)

snowboarding in zero visibility and fresh powder is the closest thing to flying;
i couldn’t think of a better way to say goodbye to the year (and such).

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if you keep your options open there are places you will go.


five days in lake tahoe












and then somewhere in between, sleep.

the posse.


[cynthia, michelle, christopher, aric, veanne, jose, brian, christina]

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cypress hill is always good for cruising down the mountain.

on a chicken hunt, huntin’ for a chicken

lake tahoe, ca

stole peanuthead from his girlfriend yesterday to watch the leaves change color,


but we ended up at the lake with two bottles of wine, bread, cheese,
making stupid faces all afternoon,
reflecting on lousy career choices, mediocrity and glorious flatulence.

i may be ugly,


but you’re ugly as shit.


straight chuggin’ from wine bottles. some things never change.


homies 4 life.


friday was gorgeous, sunny, but the snow was melting.
i dashed down mountains, landed my jumps,
made new friends by way of snowballs fights;
absorbed every moment
because i thought it would be my last day of the season.

but then on sunday,
a delightful surprise came: a blizzard.
looks like the snow has decided to stay for just a little longer. :)

i cannot wait for this dreadful week to end.

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i’m not a huge fan of trance,
but when

this song
randomly came on my ipod during a run,
i got the biggest high.