brandon's surprise birthday party

i lied and told him we were meeting up with my uncle alee for dinner.

had to stall a little while until i got word that everyone arrived.


twenty or so of his friends showed up
and got him so shitfaced drunk that i had to carry him home (two very long blocks).

i really like leslie’s smile.


rock me amadeus

dear friends,
posting unflattering photographs of your friends on your weblog
is like worse than not telling them they have t.p. hanging from their shoes.


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saturday night,
with the ever charismatic hikaru as my prom date,
we partied like rockstars at the tenderloft.

the forever young 80’s prom party


we left at 7am
and did the walk of shame through the tenderloin
looking like hookers/crackwhores,
bumrushed the car, came home and passed out.

oh yeah, if you were interested in seeing my outfit,
here you go.. [me with osby as ducky]

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