so this guy bought his wife a three month old puppy.
wife found out she was pregnant shortly afterward
and decided she didn’t want the puppy anymore.
husband’s cousin lived next to an abandoned building in the projects
so they tossed the puppy in the basement there
where he lived for almost a year with no human interaction
except for when the cousin would come once every few days
to dump food and water.

by the time the dog was rescued,
he was covered in mites, scabs and patches of missing hair.
his eyes were going a million different directions
and he was terrified of everyone, everything.

when rain told me this story, my heart broke.
how can anyone treat an animal like that?

i couldn’t resist.
went to the shelter thursday to meet the little guy and took him out for a walk.
he was timid, scared, but super sweet and super curious.

and friday i brought him home.
gonna foster him until we can find someone to adopt him.

meet rocky.


he’s surprisingly a really smart dog.
the trainer at the shelter taught him basic commands like sit, stay and drop it
and he’s well socialized with people and other dogs
(even though henri punks him around all the time).

he loves to play, very affectionate (he’s actually curled up next to me on the couch right now)
and has already made himself quite comfortable in the home.

anyway, if you’re in new york or know someone in new york
looking to adopt a shiba inu,
hit me up.
he’s adopted!