saturday night in dumbo.

2016 is proving to be a rather charming year.

manhattan bridge, brooklyn bridge, dumbo

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all the other kids with the pumped up kicks you better run, better run….

a sunny saturday (finally)

afternoon stroll through the neighborhood


with my two favorite rat catchers.


manhattan bridge from williamsburg bridge.


josh caught up with me on graham ave.


dumont burgers.
he tells me, “i just want something good.”
we all want something good,
just gotta sift through a whole lot of bs to get to it.

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something good kinda feels like the first thirty three seconds of al green.

no one like you


it was such a beautiful day in brooklyn so
brooke, cat and i decided to ride our bikes from williamsburg to park slope
and had a picnic in the hills,
sipping beer from juice bottles through straws.

cat rigged my ipod and brooke’s speakers with her bikini top to the handlebars
so we could bump music during our little adventure.


we got a little too intoxicated,
got lost on our way back and somehow ended up by the manhattan bridge.


it took us three hours to get back to brooke’s.
sore, exhausted. spent the evening lounging, watching movies
and eating mexican food made by chinese.

brooke has the cutest cat.


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she bop

best song to have played while racing through the park at night.