5:30am call time sucks.

in los angeles.
some stills and behind the scenes from day one on set.


i can’t believe how femme she looks in her headshot. stunning either way.


my favorite spot on set has always been the grip truck.


have to be up in three hours. *YAWN*

westwood, ca

recording adr today.
masami in the studio, view from the sound booth.


also saw a rough cut, was pleasantly pleased.
a few tweeks here and there and masami has a film.


masami is an amazingly compassionate, thoughtful director
who lets us play, explore, build and tell stories.


today she asked donal and i to share cute, romantic tidbits from our past with each other.
i couldn’t think of one, but masami was like,
“no wait! what about the story you told me about sending messages through your website?”

if you’re not familiar with 404 errors,
they’re basically “document not found” messages that pop up
when you go to pages that don’t exist on a website.

after an ex-boyfriend and i broke up,
he left me secret messages by going to pages on my website that didn’t exist, stuff like,
and then that url would then show up in my 404 logs.

i don’t know what was nerdier,
that he sent me messages through 404,
or that i habitually checked my logs and found them.

so um.. i never found it to be romantic,
but i always thought it was pretty unique.