big hands i know you're the one.

il m’a dit, “que veux-tu pour ton anniversaire?”
je lui ai repondu, “dessine-moi un mouton.”


with the exception of a quiet dinner at destino’s, i didn’t really celebrate my birthday.
it’s kind of difficult because i’m reminded that exactly one year ago, tedd passed away.
and yesterday i went to matt‘s funeral.
my heart broke when matt’s mom talked about how it’s not right
that a mother should ever have to bury her son.

• • • • •

if i should ever die an untimely death,
i only have three requests:

1. please don’t preach about christianity and salvation at my funeral.

2. please tell wonderful, funny memories you have of me, like,
“this one time, veanne and i were stuck in traffic in tahoe for six hours
and she made me stick my ass out the window to fart”
or whatever. you know what i mean.

3. when they carry my casket away, i want someone to bust out a boombox
and play something upbeat and irrelevant

blister in the sun

you navy rejects are alright.

puttering here and there
with little zoe following behind,
running lines from my scene
and picking up mannerisms from tv characters.

» »»

matt, eric and i took the same photo.. but theirs turned out better.


joey, nat and i saw the great gorgonzola. it was disappointing.


“‘disappointing’ is a charitable way to describe this play.
so is ‘play’ actually. this was literally the worst piece of theatrical anything i’d ever seen.
remember that scene in the big lebowski where the fat neighbor prances around
on stage in a leotard? it was like that, only sad, not funny.”

it’s difficult to respect your acting coach when she directs utter….

currently listening to:

i love the fusion of electronic synths and broadway ballad in this track

plus bjork kills me.