quick trip up north

we went to portland and seattle.
didn’t pull out my camera much.
there were times when i thought to myself, “oh this would look nice for a picture”,
but felt that i had already taken something like it before.



» »»

at the bookstore, i came across this memoirs of a geisha photo book and was all,
“omg! that’s me!” (circled in red)


i thought it was the funniest thing ever. :)

no, i'm not japanese

but i play one on film.


day 1:
i was giddy when rob marshall called me darling.
“veanne darling, how are you doing over there? good? good.”

but then i realized he called everyone darling
and then i didn’t feel so special.

can you spot me in the line-up?


“look more fobby!”


the costume designers were always concerned about everyone looking authentic.
what’s funny is that rather than just having us rub our feet in the mud,
they used brown paint to make them look dirty.


day 2:
being an extra in the background is like getting paid for hanging out.
today, my butt got the most screen time.

recognize who this is?


day lighting in the evening.


the kids.


since i’m drifting about in the background for a few of the scenes,
when the film comes out, i think i’ll gather a bunch of my friends together to watch it
so we can play “where’s waldo”.. except it’ll be “where’s veanne.” :)