stuffed on dumont burgers

graveley and i ran into mike at some thrift store off metropolitan.
he always looks like a rockstar.

all the girls like a song they can dance to

mike is also a design student at pratt,
so shooting with him was a really fun collaboration. :)

in the makeup chair.


artsy-fartsy musician shots.


a common habit among “artists”: sleep deprivation
which kicked in
and then things got, colorful.

sex, lies and sunshine. love songs and land mines.

mike del rio / bmi cmj showcase at crash mansion.


the drummer kicked so much butt.


didi and maikel came along with.


leaving next friday for california.
now probably isn’t the best time to fall in love.

currently listening to:
on the way back to brooklyn, that’s when i knew that we were something.

mike del rio