brooklyn, new york

landlord finally whacked the weeds. this week, he finishes off the fence.


to kick start the summer,
kimmie, didi and i are tentatively planning a bbq & movie night in the backyard in two weeks,
borrowing tony’s projector and screening one of these films off a white canvas on the building wall:

• le diner de cons
• the great gatsy
• cinema paradiso
• jaws
• goonies
• a bout de souffle
• wet hot american summer
• do the right thing
• summer of sam
• la dolce vita
• indiana jones
• 400 blows
• serial mom
• the burbs
• breakin’
• clerks
• license to drive
• the outsiders
• the karate kid
• big trouble in little china

trying to figure out which one would be a great summer movie that both dudes and chicks would like.

friday evening

in my parents living room with karla, tina, fang and the birthday girl
screaming like a bunch of sissies to ju on.

hiding behind the blanket.


*slap* right back at ya babe!

saturday night, after “sky captain and the world of tomorrow”,
andreas and i rollerskated/bladed around stanford until 4am.
such a beautiful campus, but sort of creepy at night, especially in the rodin sculpture garden.


» »»

sunday, party at the civic center.
it was great seeing you guys.. damn lushes. :)

brandon is muy silly.


more pics here.

currently listening to:
cheesy vocals over breakbeat,

the theme
to my sunday in the park.

playing around with photoshop

one photograph, two variations on a demon.



[can you tell i’ve been watching a lot of japanese horror flicks recently?]

currently listening to:

three, two, murder one

i think i'll stick to theatre.

actors who write, direct, produce films and cast themselves in the lead role,
like andy says,
“are like djs who throw parties so they can book themselves.”

the audition for “the haunted” was um.. amusing.
a scene from the trite script:
guy sits at cafe and thinks he sees his dead girlfriend from across the street.
he runs to her and screams, “TAMMY!”
she turns around, smiles, turns back around and walks away.
he runs to her but she disappears.. like a ghost!
but then..
dun. dun. DUN.
the silk scarf he gave her for christmas is on the ground where she once stood.
was she a ghost? was he hallucinating? why was the scarf there?!

i tried to be polite and not cringe,
but i’m beginning to think that i am definitely not cut out for film acting;
it’s difficult to play puppet when you don’t respect the script.

» »»

friday night, we saw hero.
zhang yimou makes me wish to be a director.
nelson brought his guitar to the metreon.


thursday night

jeana, vi and i went to the drive-ins to see “harold and kumar” in our pajamas.

it was fun.


thank you nico, vlad and joey

last thursday:
mom found me in bed with my head pressed against bailey’s belly
crying like a helpless idiot
and convinced dad to let me bring the piano to the house.

but i wasn’t really crying over the piano..
life has been a total jerk to me this month;
bad stuff keeps happening one after another….
and then i turned around to grab the tv remote
and i banged my knee on the corner of my bed frame really hard
and it hurt really bad.
it was like, “oh come on! what next?!” :(

mom suggested i spend the weekend in san francisco with friends
to de-stress.

veronica has a huge crush on mccauley caulkin so we went to see saved.
it was suppose to be a comedy damnit, not a love story.

joey and i saw an ethnic dance festival.
here i go again, sneaking in my camera.


[reminds me of being in a dream]

cat, chris and i went to the gay pride parade.


on the muni, on the way to getting mint chocolate chip milkshakes.


currently listening to:

corny 80’s music always cheers me up

"you better watch who you're calling a child, lois

because if i’m a child, do you know what that makes you?
a pedophile.
and i’ll be damned if i’m gonna stand here and be lectured by a pervert.”

the family guy = hilariously brilliant

» »»

last week, forty people sardined our flat for the 7 4 1 party. good times..
(tina’s bedroom from my bedroom)


two weeks ago, the view from cat’s cabin.


sebby took me to see city of god last week.
by far, the best movie i’ve seen this year.

currently listening to:

shimmy shimmy coco pop

"feels like i'm wearing nothing at all.. nothing at all.."

two weeks flash by
and he’s already off to the airport.

i miss cooking,
playing records,
eskimo kissing,



and waking up
with him.

this morning’s coffee and ciggies on the backyard stairs felt empty.

» »»

snowboarding in tahoe every chance i’ve had
for the past month.




» »»


walked to the car
nico gets out of the front seat
and pulls it up for sebby to get in the back
“nico, it’s a four door sedan.”

nico’s so cute when he’s drunk.

» »»

we went to see big fish and walked around downtown.


tina took this picture of us.

currently listening to:

how can you not love bjork?

quand il me prend dans ses bras

since my sketching proficiency is limited to stick figures,
i decided to kidnap vi for a few hours and photograph my storyboard instead.




» »»

saturday night,
i wanted to curl up on the couch and watch a movie,
but i didn’t want to see it with anyone but sebby.
sebby is in arizona.

so we both went to our local blockbusters,
picked out a movie over the phone and

“on the count of three.. one, two, three” *click play button*

we synchronized our dvd players
so from 739.1 miles apart,
we watched “secretary” together
over the phone.

» »»

moving the rest of my stuff into the san francisco loft on tuesday.

the view from my rooftop.


in pigtails today

1. i skipped out on my theatre arts class to spend some time with my adorable boyfriend
before he left for detroit.
that’s right. i said boyfriend. i am officially off the market. :)

2. i watched babe, one of my favorite movies. i love that pig.

3. project #1: nova ticket design (although small) finished.
this year’s theme for nova’s cabin party is pajama party.
they wanted cute, simple and pretty.. “and can you please include a rubber ducky?”

this is what they got.


i find it difficult photographing dancers.
shoot them at a fast speed and you lose the energy.
shoot them at a slow speed and you get a big sloppy blur.

still practicing..

breakdancers shot at f4-5.6 @60-125



currently listening to:

new edition
all day.

down it.

friday night,
guest listed at ghetto clubs in downtown san jose
with karla, ranie, john, vi, cedrick, paula, mark, cathy..
same shit, different weekend.

me and vi


today, mike and i checked out “24 hour party people”,
an excellent film on the launch of factory recordings in manchester..
which of course, partially initiated the beginning of electronic music
and the scene as we know it today.

one of the funniest, coolest guys i know.


blah blah

wednesday night:
false profits party.
beautiful people with impeccable style.
wrote “wanna make out?” on the palm of my hand
and flashed it at random guys.
received nothing but lame “awe! how cute!” responses.

fourth of july:
bbq at auntie ling’s house.
watched fireworks with my adorable, animated cousins.

tina, josh and i saw minority report.

i tried on the most charming wedding gown while
visiting leslie on the haight.

[picture by tina]

go spiderman!

miki, tina, hikaru, and i snuck a six pack of bass ale
into the movie theatre to see spiderman tonight.
we were obnoxiously loud.

oregon sunrise

i saw serendipity tonight.
i think i watch too many sappy romantic comedies that
brainwash me into this mode of thinking
where i pout and whine, “damnit! why not me?!”



sometimes, i need to conceptualize the afterlife of movies.
maybe then i’ll realize that whimsical occurences happen all the time.