pink lemonade

one afternoon, earlier this summer,
my buddies from monogold and i
hung out at the beach,
shot some absurdities,
and made this music video.

it was such a ridiculous, ridiculously fun collaboration.

"i thought penguins were mammals."

my dad sent me an email the other day that ended with,
(apa is dad in chinese)

i think it’s kinda endearing, but i also think it’s kinda disturbing.

• • • • •

stopped by krobar’s music video set to do an interview with sean for my class project.
they were shooting a tongue-in-cheek, 80’s club hoes turned zombies skit.

i took some pics to show you guys how friggin’ nasty they all looked (thanks to jared).



he kept licking his boogers to gross me out. :(


and krobar played a vampire.


currently listening to:
last night..

julian’s voice is so hot

roger was my hero yesterday.

laurie invited me back to shoot stills for
the most talented film production crew in sacramento yesterday.
they were working on ibucho’s music video “that’s what i say.”

leon. i like when musicians close their eyes while jammin’.


i also like taking pictures of people when they don’t know i’m taking pictures of them.
[zoom lens on the models/actors]