cults at spin magazine rooftop

cult band, spin magazine rooftop, lacoste

soho buildings as backdrop makes me love summer in new york that much more.

cult band, spin magazine rooftop, lacoste

i was shooting more for fun
and ended up snapping candids of party goers.
the rest at prefix.

currently listening to:
this was their only song i knew before hitting up the show.


jam session

at imani‘s birthday party.


guitar, bass, drums, keys, violin, vocals. all going at once.
madness, but somehow, at certain points, it worked.

just ain't gonna work out

adam’s been working on nikki jean‘s upcoming album,
so we decided to stop by her show at webster hall.


she opened for mayer hawthorne,
who captivated my heart for the night.


currently listening to:
adam calls it the eddie kendricks song.
i know i was drunk, but

this song
was magical live.

a cloud away from seeing the sunshine

adam made me a song for christmas,
but was hesitant about giving it to me because he said,
“this is the gayest shit i’ve ever produced.”

i listened to it and yeah, it’s the gayest shit he’s ever produced.
but it’s still pretty cute.

bring the sunshine

(vocals and background vocals going, “ooooh” are all him.)

sex, lies and sunshine. love songs and land mines.

mike del rio / bmi cmj showcase at crash mansion.


the drummer kicked so much butt.


didi and maikel came along with.


leaving next friday for california.
now probably isn’t the best time to fall in love.

currently listening to:
on the way back to brooklyn, that’s when i knew that we were something.

mike del rio

old lovers

like most mucisians in new york,
jonathan is in about nine bands
and i’ve dodged going to any of his shows until last night at public assembly.

only because i really like a big yes and a small no.

i always get a little weak when he picks up the guitar.


kevin. amazing vocalist, amazing lyricist.


eric and jonti.


one thing about living in new york,
i’m constantly meeting people who inspire me.

drew, a photographer who does volunteer work teaching photography to kids in the bronx,


reminded me of a project i’ve been daydreaming about for the past year or so:
teaching inner city kids how to make films.

i wonder how i would go about doing this,
who i would contact to donate cameras, computer & software equipment,
what organization would be interested in helping me get started…

a few more pictures here.

hall & oates, coney island

so many great classics.
all the geriatrics kept the vibe chill
while we kept jumping up and down screaming.





by the taco stand in the alley way.


it’s pretty pathetic how poor i am right now,
but surprisingly, this is the happiest i’ve been in a long time.


[on the way back, by phan]

currently listening to:
“adam adam adam! guess what!”
“it’s mah sooooooong.”

she’s a rich girl

depeche mode



but so f’in epic when

massive madison sq. garden stadium just went nuts.

also can’t believe dave gahan joined the band at 18 and is still going strong at 47.

slow down you crazy child

you’re so ambitious for a juvenile.

but then if you’re so smart,
tell me why are you still so afraid?

vienna waits for you


first shot of the video i’m editing.


currently listening to:
very much in love with

this song
right now.

play it now. my baby..

i lost my voice screaming with joey, cat and tom
during the encore performance.


“you are the sun, i am the moon.
you are the words, i am the tune. play me.”

corniest lyrics ever,
but coming from him,
it was like.. magic.

you know what makes me happy?

a lot of things.
including scouring dollar bins and finding great records.


currently listening to:
i was born too late.
the 80’s would have so been my era.

michael (stickman) told me

mixes perfectly into drum&bass.

ce matin avec andréas.



currently listening to:
one of the nicest ways to wake up in the morning
is to him playing the piano.

especially when it’s

this melody

no throbbing techno beats here.

dad refuses to let me move my piano here because
“i don’t want that piece of junk in the house.”


today, i did the second best thing:
i took the piano sheet music for chopin’s funeral march,
manually drew the notes one by one into reason (pain in the arse),
added some violin/strings..

the result:

a funeral march snippet

reason is not as hardcore as logic or digital performer or whatever,
but i still think it’s mad fun. :)

goofiness runs in the family

big head and i printed out this photo.


and framed it for the old man.

» »»

memorial day weekend 2001,
danny and i made beats on his laptop
during a twelve hour drive to oregon.
today, i found the reason file for the first song i ever made on a back-up cd.

the track names made me smile. so unprofessional. :)


currently listening to:

dad used to sing santana a lot when i was younger

found it!

one of my favorite drum&bass tracks from 1999.

time is the fire

two mini projects tonight

project #1
dad has a movie function with sound on his digital camera.
i tested it out.

[right click on image to download 644kb quicktime]


project #2
oh well hello there bailey.


missed them!

mom and dad are home from their one month vacation in thailand and vietnam,
tanned and healthy as ever.

dad bought me a pipa as an early birthday present.


hi again.

my family will be in vietnam for the holidays.
i needed to fill the void
so i found a piano,
neglected for ten years in a den, covered in dust.
the owners wanted to get rid of it
and my fingers were bored of tapping on tables
so i recruited mark, tyler, jeff and ryan to shlep it up three flights of stairs.

she’s not a yamaha or a baldwin.
she’s not a shiny, pretty ornament.
she’s tattered and out of tune,
but she deserves to be loved just like the rest of us.

i named her sabine, after griffin’s muse.


last week of summer

i spent labor day weekend at becca’s house on the russian river
with the biggest pervs in the bay area.

stickman is teh ghey.


more pics here.

» »»

friday night,
brenna, stacey and i hiked a mile down the steep mountain in half moon bay
for a trance (yes, trance) party on the beach.

we ventured into the caves..

hey thad, i took your girlfriend skinny dipping in the ocean.


more pics here.

» »»

last night, danny and i checked out christophe’s band on bayshore.


then tina and i headed off to the tenderloft party
but left due to police drama.
i ended up spending the rest of the evening hanging out with dustin
who showed me this awesome short film he made
where he shaves off all of his shoulder-length hair.
“what happened to the hair?”
“i donated it to a charity that made wigs for chemo patients.”
that so rocks.

currently listening to:

if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life

cong hay fat choi

we threw our first dinner party saturday night,
“general mao, commie-style.”


his friends are all so nice.

» »»

nat left for europe yesterday on business.
he just called (for the third time), just to say, “i love you.”
i’m wearing one of his button-up shirts.
it smells like him.

love love love him.


» »»

last year’s resolution “to kindle my bohemian spirit.. to enjoy the fuck out of life” has been fulfilled.
2002 was a hysterical joy-ride.
this year’s focus is on finishing projects, rather than musing over them.

also, i gave up ten years of classical piano when i was eighteen.
while going through all of my old music books the other day,
i was amazed at how many sonatas, mazurkas, nocturnes
i memorized when i was twelve.
i hope to relearn them again.

currently listening to:

this song kills me

"it wasn't one of your finer moments."

i withdrew $140 prior to the underworld concert.
by the end of the night, i was left with nada!

“excuse me miss, can you spare some change?”
“no, sorry sir, i spent it all on beer.”

yeah, the underworld concert became
one of those fuzzy nights..


where i wake up in the morning with
hieroglyphical chicken scratch all over my arms


and an indecent tattoo on my left shoulder.


yeah, it was one of those nights.

rawk on.



i brought the mason jar of coffee with me to the club tonight
and was teased by everyone..


it took me two records to realize that
the crossfader and volume control were not working.
it took another few records to adapt and mix through the eq’s.

the best times are when your friends are there
because you start focusing the adrenaline rush on them and
you remember to breath and just have a fun time.

my crackhead friends made a pornstar sign on the stage for me with flyers.

(photo by tina).

sorry i forgot to juggle the crossfader with my nose like i promised.
okay time for bed. i have to be up in three hours.