goodbye sf bitches!

last friday, my last night in sf,
cat took me to club mighty to down coronas mixed with redbull
and i danced until 4am to some damn good techno.

now back at my parents house in elk grove.
it’s nice having mom take care of me and feed my belly.
i told her i was going to marry a girl like her one day.
she shook her head and let out a sigh.

and sure, why not.
here was my first attempt at narrative film making,
produced last year for my media production class.

“mỹ Ä‘en”, in english and vietnamese (with english subtitles)

total running time: 4:25.

currently listening to:
cat wouldn’t let me play oh l’amour in the car
because the last time i was heartbroken,
we blasted that song on repeat the whole time we drove to and back from lake tahoe.

so we sang along to


mỹ đen

i shot my first short film two weekends ago.
what an exhilarating experience.

i’ve spent the past month juggling school, side projects and preproduction for this film
to make sure the shooting would run smoothly,
which it did for the most part due to an incredible cast and crew.

but i tried to triple up as cinematographer, camera operator and director.
jumping back and forth checking the composition and lighting, scrutinizing the performances
and being a leader in this fiasco
drained me.

i made a few mistakes along the way


which is fine; i’m still learning. (gaffer tape in the top left corner)

now i’m at the editing stage
and i want to produce something good not because i’m expecting to submit it into a bunch of festivals,
but because a lot of people worked really hard on this film
because they believed in me and the project
and i don’t want to disappoint them.

here’s a quick, silly video of my brother, “the board clicker.” :)

i’d post more pics, but i’m still trying to get over this damn cold.