prospect park

back in new york,
it’s still winter.

2am snow walk with nick and henri.

prospect park

impervious to blue

i’m rather fond of this summer.
a bit reluctant to say goodbye.

shoe tossing, shoe telephone line, shoe powerline


new york city buildings


[shot on the iphone 4, music by george]

oh someday

new york you beat the crap out of me so hard sometimes
that i just want to move back home to my parents and cry.

currently listening to:
you say you want to stand by my side, darling your head’s not right.

you see alone we stand together we fall apart

concrete jungle where dreams are made of

i told didi new york was like the abusive boyfriend who keeps beating the crap out of me
but i can’t leave him because the sex is too good.

then kim gave me a better analogy,
“california is like the cool, awesome aunt you sometimes visit and have fun with,
but new york is your hard-hitting dad, who you try so constantly to win approval from
and one pat on the back from him means the world. ”

but rain said it best,
“if you move home because you can’t make rent,
then you don’t belong in new york.”

and so here i am, hustlin’.

sometimes i build websites to feed the belly.


but right now,
i feel like i’m spending more time feeding the belly,
than feeding the soul.

anna howard shaw day

did i ever tell you how much i hate roses? esp. red roses?
did i ever tell you about how this one time i told a boy that i hated red roses
and then one day he gave me a single red rose?
i know he had good intentions,
but i f’in hate red roses. and boxes of chocolates. and fancy restaurants.
on valentine’s day.

the way into my heart: meat and grease.

mr. demarco, you slay me.


di fara, one and a half hours later.


good pizza,
but doesn’t quite live up to all the hype.

he makes me happy

a quick, little trip on the staten island ferry, there and back,
just because i’ve never been on it.

from adam’s flip mino.
we didn’t shoot much footage though. :

labor day weekend cabin trip

with seven friends, four shibas
and my little happy dude.


the cabin we got this time wasn’t as sexy as last time’s, but it had charm.


cheese + pineapple + jalapeno + BEEF = :D


the creek nearby.


as dorky as this picture is, it brings me much joy.


substituting missing pieces.


playing around with shutter speed.


adam‘s got a knack for figuring out songs when he hears them,
but he says, “it’s just chords.”

at one point during the trip,
we were alone on the front porch fooling around, playing random songs
and he improvised “tous les garçons et les filles” for me to sing along to.

[adam doesn’t speak french, he just likes to pretend like he does.]

14 days in iphone pics

with help from the camerabag app (out of order):

kimmie is the cutest.




adam loves al green as much as i do.


korean bbq.


rain rehearsing on fire escape.


kimmie tries to ease my devastation.


henri’s leaf-stache.


4th of july fireworks over hudson river.


on our way to legion, by josh.


it seemed like a good idea at the time.


why brooklyn feels like home.




i hate hipsters and their retarded performance art, destroying pianos on bedford.
breaks my heart.


three had my attention, two have my affection. josh is one of them.


suzanne gave me my new year’s resolution this past january:
“no self-sabotaging.”

but i have a lousy track record with boyfriend/girlfriend relationships
so it only makes sense that i avoid them.
at least for now.

but then josh sends me
a video of him playing the guitar, singing, “i’m going crazy without you”
and i get all mooshy inside and then i don’t know what to do.
currently listening to:

you got me where you want me, but i ain’t all there


first shot of the video i’m editing.


currently listening to:
very much in love with

this song
right now.


from the r-train heading back home to brooklyn at 1am:

[shot on the piece of poop casio exilim]

i'm happiest when it snows.

shot from my office building. (click here to view if player doesn’t load.)

currently listening to:
i am not this girl anymore.

permanently stuck on my itunes

hello love.

i like how the cold weather makes my nose turn pink.

exhausted, but happy.

the thing i feel about new york is that you can’t be complacent here,
you gotta keep challenging yourself, to do better.
and i keep meeting these really badass motherfckers who are a huge source of inspiration.

like stefan for example.


but i really am disgusted by some of the women here
who think they’re living the “sex and the city” lifestyle.
like it’s all about the lv bags,
and getting into the hottest night clubs to meet ceos with disposable income.
you’re a tool. and your cankles shouldn’t be rockin’ those five-inch jimmy choo hooker heels.


it was such a beautiful day in brooklyn so
brooke, cat and i decided to ride our bikes from williamsburg to park slope
and had a picnic in the hills,
sipping beer from juice bottles through straws.

cat rigged my ipod and brooke’s speakers with her bikini top to the handlebars
so we could bump music during our little adventure.


we got a little too intoxicated,
got lost on our way back and somehow ended up by the manhattan bridge.


it took us three hours to get back to brooke’s.
sore, exhausted. spent the evening lounging, watching movies
and eating mexican food made by chinese.

brooke has the cutest cat.


currently listening to:

she bop

best song to have played while racing through the park at night.

it's tricky is the title, here we go..

i feel very small here.


i found this while packing.


i was a funny looking kid,
but apa looks like such a badass with that video camera in one hand, ciggie in the other.

always tagging along,
being surrounded by audio/video gear growing up,
i should’ve guessed i would’ve ended up just like him (in all my sweaty glory).

one of the perks of this job:
i got to meet dmc of run mthrfckn’ dmc!!!

an eight-second clip of his performance i shot today.