goodbye saigon!

i don’t have a camera with me,
but my macbook has a webcam that records video.
a tiny bit of my life in saigon:

afternoon thunderstorm in my cousin xiu’s bedroom (trt: 00:21):
(if you look closely, you can see a little gecko crawl across the wall in the background)

while on the front porch of my aunt’s house (trt: 00:17):

last night was my last night here,
and the saigon entourage sans tommy (who had to shoot until 2am)
took me out to dinner at ngoc xuan’s and club barocco to bid me farewell.
thanks davey for setting everything up. you’re the best.

here are some pics from dinner.

two months later,
one hundred and fourteen page first draft of screenplay done.
tonight i fly back to california.

see some of you very soon! <3

currently listening to:
my heart belongs to the breakbeat,
but i’ve been diggin’ house here at the clubs.

where have you been?

i couldn’t access livejournal in beijing,
but i could still access tubgirl mirrors.
dude, haven’t we learned that censorship doesn’t work?

now back in saigon.
i was teaching my aunt’s english class before leaving for china.
it’s so awesome to come back and see that the students still remembered
it’s pronounced “happy birthday”, not “happy bird-day”
and that it’s “good”, not “goot.”

davey, tommy and their entourage have been taking really good care of me
like finding me cheeseburgers and taking me to clubs that don’t suck.
so when they asked me if i could do a test shoot for six of their models,
i was like sure.

except wtf do i know about shooting fashion models?
not much, but i figured it couldn’t be too different from shooting anything else.
totally different style than i’m used to, but it’s fun to try new things.

tommy. switchout.
i’m realizing i like his test shots more than the ones from the actual photoshoot.







how awesome is our lighting set-up? :D



currently listening to:
been pretty obsessed with this song recently.

li sasaki is my hero.

last night at the [re]collect art/music exhibit:
“can you play something slower? like hiphop?”
“you know, you’re clearing the dancefloor. maybe you should play some hiphop.”
“hey! can you play some hiphop?”

apparently breakbeat is not loved by all
and apparently people think i’m a jukebox and not a dj.

i was very discouraged,
but i’m glad my friends were there to give mad support and mad hugs.
you guys are the best.

the other performers and artists were impressive though.
one of my favorite pieces, by kevin nguyen


but osby and i couldn’t figure this one out.


we headed to an underground afterwards.


shaking my no-ass to ghetto tech with the greatest friends until 4am.
what a great friggin’ night.

i really like this picture that vincent took.


the rest of the pictures.

» »»

oh, and graveley came along and was recognized as “the christmas tree guy
and vincent as, “oh dude, didn’t you and veanne go on some photo adventure?”

it must be sort of strange huh, to read about someone, see their pictures..
and then to finally meet them in real life?