well, at least i liked it. didn't it?

last week nat and i flew to california to visit the old folks
and then drove ten hours north to oregon for oode.



still recovering.

» »»

vi was suppose to arrive tonight but her flight was delayed
and now she’s stuck in some airport hotel in chicago..
and the poor girl swallowed a bunch of brownies before she left.

» »»

one. two. three.
see? i’m not the only person who thinks my boyfriend is a cutie. :)

oregon sunrise

i saw serendipity tonight.
i think i watch too many sappy romantic comedies that
brainwash me into this mode of thinking
where i pout and whine, “damnit! why not me?!”



sometimes, i need to conceptualize the afterlife of movies.
maybe then i’ll realize that whimsical occurences happen all the time.