happy birthday to me.

my friends are scattered around the world,
but i found a way for twenty of us to do something together for my birthday this year.

the request was simple.
1. blast wreckx-n-effect’s “rumpshaker”
2. hit record on the camera
3. dance
4. send me the footage

like eh?

1. love fest.
normally there are usually one or two naked dudes wandering around at these sorts of events,
but i noticed this past saturday,
there was an influx of them.. i saw like six or eight penises!

my question is, when they leave the event,
do they walk back to the bart station naked?
or do they put their clothes back on?
cause if you’re gonna go naked, do you do it half assed,
or do you go all balls out?

2. the bunny man’s costume made me giggle.


3. the other day, i saw this guy sportin an “N JUDAH” tee shirt.
i took the njudah to work all summer and it sucked ass;
it derailed & broke down all the time.
so dude, what’s up with the shirt?
and when did representing muni lines get so trendy?

as osby would say,
“i’m so confussed!”

shot inserts for 9 hours straight

for sean and the guerilla wanderers.

jessica, in boxed up.


on a lighter note,
whoever decided on using that video of osby flying around sf for one of the obsoleet visuals is brilliant.
i couldn’t stop laughing!


mad love and respect to sfrp.
you guys know how to throw an underground proper.

sorry i left early;
my body was busted from working all day.
here are some pictures
because i know how much you guys love to look at pics of yourselves. :p~

road trip to socal

evil breaks had a gig in los angeles
and brandon invited me along for the ride.
i told him, “oh hell yeah!”

then i realized this would be our first date,
a first date that would span a whole weekend.
osby said, “this could go really well or really badly.”

it went really well. :)

brandon and aaron may look all serious in these pics during the drive down



but they’re actually the two sweetest, most down to earth guys you’ll ever meet.
and they’re also big dorks.

currently listening to:
omfg i have to have this record!!!!

outta space

li sasaki is my hero.

last night at the [re]collect art/music exhibit:
“can you play something slower? like hiphop?”
“you know, you’re clearing the dancefloor. maybe you should play some hiphop.”
“hey! can you play some hiphop?”

apparently breakbeat is not loved by all
and apparently people think i’m a jukebox and not a dj.

i was very discouraged,
but i’m glad my friends were there to give mad support and mad hugs.
you guys are the best.

the other performers and artists were impressive though.
one of my favorite pieces, by kevin nguyen


but osby and i couldn’t figure this one out.


we headed to an underground afterwards.


shaking my no-ass to ghetto tech with the greatest friends until 4am.
what a great friggin’ night.

i really like this picture that vincent took.


the rest of the pictures.

» »»

oh, and graveley came along and was recognized as “the christmas tree guy
and vincent as, “oh dude, didn’t you and veanne go on some photo adventure?”

it must be sort of strange huh, to read about someone, see their pictures..
and then to finally meet them in real life?

rock me amadeus

dear friends,
posting unflattering photographs of your friends on your weblog
is like worse than not telling them they have t.p. hanging from their shoes.


» » »

saturday night,
with the ever charismatic hikaru as my prom date,
we partied like rockstars at the tenderloft.

the forever young 80’s prom party


we left at 7am
and did the walk of shame through the tenderloin
looking like hookers/crackwhores,
bumrushed the car, came home and passed out.

oh yeah, if you were interested in seeing my outfit,
here you go.. [me with osby as ducky]

currently listening to:

you come and go, you come and go

gone fishin'

see red.



[i wonder if anyone got the jonny l reference]

good bye san jose.
thanks for all the sunday afternoons of bammer j’s
cruisin’ to hi-NRG, “damn girl wassup?!”
and 7eleven chili cheese nacho trips.

currently listening to:

for the southside

goodbye dear friends

i didn’t want to make such a big fuss about leaving the bay area
but it would be sort of shady of me to not have a farewell get together with you guys.
so thursday night at incognita will be my last night to kick it with you wonderful people.
please come. your attendance would be much appreciated.

here’s osby’s bsp to sfraves:
On Wed, 11 December 2002, “Osby Jamz” wrote:
Hey… there’s gonna be like this South Bay Invasion comin’ up @ Incognita this Thursday…. check it out:
Anywaze, The Bay Area will be sayin’ Have a gRoovy trip 2 Boston C U soon
2 our DNB/2-Step/Breakbeats Spinstress Diva, Mylai in a Huge way!!!

Killa Subz Homies will be hosting the Jungle room while
Bay Area BreakBeat Super Heros will be spinning in the other room!!
It’s gonna be so fun!!! Grrrrrrr… but there’s so many Groovy things goin’ on that night…OMG!!! It’s so hard 2 decide!!!
But I know this will be 1 of my Mondo stops of the night ’cause I Love My Mylai!!!