a little downtime.

almost exactly at my one year mark,
i quit my job.

i didn’t want to leave with my last video being some blackberry or thinkpad review,
so i gave them an outtakes reel:


now producing for wired.
my first feature, “the sex life of robots“:


(since when was robot sex considered NSFW?)

oh, and after like, eight years of being under construction,
i finally launched my website. cheggit.


currently listening to:

i said ooh girl.. shock me like

my cave

if i’m not in the labs shooting,
i’m here, editing.


[bottom right is the massive beanbag i inherited from gussman when he left.
good for afternoon naps.]

it's that damn monkey again.

sometimes i hate my job
(when i’m up at 4am, editing in my pjs or on my way to work, editing on the subway),

and other times i think it’s pretty fun,
esp. when they let me make stuff like this:


click to view.

anyway, if you’ve got a few thousand dollars lying around
and are feeling philanthropic and sally struthersish,
bid on a laptop and help the children:


i'm happiest when it snows.

shot from my office building. (click here to view if player doesn’t load.)

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i am not this girl anymore.

permanently stuck on my itunes

megapixels, optical vs. digital zoom…

every other week or so,
i’ll get an email from someone asking for recommendations.

so i decided to produce a digital cameras buying guide segment for dl.tv:


i had brooks edit the segment because i couldn’t stand looking at myself.
being on the other side of the camera as me for the first time was nerve-wracking,
so don’t say i never did nothing for you. <3
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i had forgotten how much i love alex reece.

feel the sunshine

CES 2008

last year there were about eight of us on crew.
this year, brooks and i were the only producers left.
we busted our asses to spit out 14 segments and 4 episodes in five days
on three hours of sleep per night and lots and lots of coffee.
but omg we had hella fun.

at the pcmag trailer: a girl cannot ask for a better partner in crime.


brooks woke me up around 7am after our 3-hour nap to show me this piece of disneyland
(view from my mgm grand hotel room).


thursday 4am. cracked out, but done!


mad love to the verizon people in the press room
for supplying us with cookies and lattes all week.

random snippets from the vegas.

currently listening to:
we were

blastin’ trippin’, stumblin’, flippin’, fumblin’
the whole time
because it’s so our theme song;
brooks and i are always
perpetually heartbroken, in love, or crushin’ on one boy or another…
but brooks is the bigger whore. i just crush a lot.

it's tricky is the title, here we go..

i feel very small here.


i found this while packing.


i was a funny looking kid,
but apa looks like such a badass with that video camera in one hand, ciggie in the other.

always tagging along,
being surrounded by audio/video gear growing up,
i should’ve guessed i would’ve ended up just like him (in all my sweaty glory).

one of the perks of this job:
i got to meet dmc of run mthrfckn’ dmc!!!

an eight-second clip of his performance i shot today.