photo editors

it started off with charlie posting a link to
this russian wedding photoshop disasters gallery on julian’s facebook page.

and julian was like:


and so i was like:


and then this happened:


so i was like, “say UNCLE.”

i really don’t know how he can top that
(yes, those are all julian faces with the exception of elisa holding baby charlie),
but if he does, i might have to go animated gif on his ass.

playing around with photoshop

one photograph, two variations on a demon.



[can you tell i’ve been watching a lot of japanese horror flicks recently?]

currently listening to:

three, two, murder one

haha butterball

“wow, your girlfriend is really pretty.”
“nah, she’s just really good at photoshop.”

"brian, there's a message in my Alpha Bits. It says 'OOO'!"

“Peter, those are Cheerios.”

can’t fall asleep.
tested out photoshop color filters with david waldorf‘s photographs of me.

poking a donut.


and if photoshop can make you cute,
then it sure as hell can make you ugly.