where have you been?

i couldn’t access livejournal in beijing,
but i could still access tubgirl mirrors.
dude, haven’t we learned that censorship doesn’t work?

now back in saigon.
i was teaching my aunt’s english class before leaving for china.
it’s so awesome to come back and see that the students still remembered
it’s pronounced “happy birthday”, not “happy bird-day”
and that it’s “good”, not “goot.”

davey, tommy and their entourage have been taking really good care of me
like finding me cheeseburgers and taking me to clubs that don’t suck.
so when they asked me if i could do a test shoot for six of their models,
i was like sure.

except wtf do i know about shooting fashion models?
not much, but i figured it couldn’t be too different from shooting anything else.
totally different style than i’m used to, but it’s fun to try new things.

tommy. switchout.
i’m realizing i like his test shots more than the ones from the actual photoshoot.







how awesome is our lighting set-up? :D



currently listening to:
been pretty obsessed with this song recently.

phuong took us out to dinner last night.

the taxi dropped us off in front of this dark narrow alley.
at the very very end, was this total dive, swarming with people.

we slurped down fresh oysters, clams, crabs and escargot in a myriad of colorful shells.
omg it was off the hook.

saigon is dirty and you’ll probably get a tummy ache a least once while you’re out here,
but like i said before, no fancy upscale restaurant could ever make me happier
than this little hole in the wall,
with its little blue plastic stools and sticky floors covered in buckets of food residual.

i told phuong she was the best. for real.
because no tourist will ever find such a gem of a place.
it’s a shame we’re are always told to stay away from dark alleys.