emery wells

handsome, intense, ridiculously talented.

emery wells

i can’t ever imagine him stumbling.

currently listening to:
i am so obsessed with this song; have had it on repeat all evening.

lana del rey / born to die

(also from this year’s summer spotify playlist.)

ginseng tree trunks, rockin the p-funk

from nerdy hipster
to azn thug.

he reminds me of one of uncle benny’s henchmen.
you know, the one who’ll beat your face in
if he catches you smiling at the boss man’s girl and shit.

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back to mos def on repeat.

ms. fat booty


by michel gondry.


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i’ve been on a burt bacharach kick recently.
this song absolutely describes my life right now.

raindrops keep falling on my head

“the blues they send to meet me won’t defeat me.”

aroksun the magician

traded aric some pictures for a pack of parliament lights.



article & spread published online, page 51 – 61, at:


lazy summer sunday,
my pretty roommate in the backyard [with the new fence!].




a few more here.

i miss smoking.

who’s going to tear up the snow with me very soon.



currently listening to:
on the subway last week,

this 44-second snippet

inspired another short film idea for which i do not have time.


“we could either pay someone $5000 to shoot our wedding portraits,
or we could get veanne to do them for free.”

i once said i would NEVER shoot wedding portraits
because i hate that style of photography;
i think they’re super cheesy and contrived.

but vi’s like, my best friend
and she helped me steal a box of tampons when we were really little
because i was too embarrassed to tell anyone i had gotten my period.
so i couldn’t say no.






currently listening to:
i’m also putting together the slide show for their wedding
and i was like, “ooh! ooh! can we have

this song
in the slide show?!”
and she was like, “you are such a fob.”

where have you been?

i couldn’t access livejournal in beijing,
but i could still access tubgirl mirrors.
dude, haven’t we learned that censorship doesn’t work?

now back in saigon.
i was teaching my aunt’s english class before leaving for china.
it’s so awesome to come back and see that the students still remembered
it’s pronounced “happy birthday”, not “happy bird-day”
and that it’s “good”, not “goot.”

davey, tommy and their entourage have been taking really good care of me
like finding me cheeseburgers and taking me to clubs that don’t suck.
so when they asked me if i could do a test shoot for six of their models,
i was like sure.

except wtf do i know about shooting fashion models?
not much, but i figured it couldn’t be too different from shooting anything else.
totally different style than i’m used to, but it’s fun to try new things.

tommy. switchout.
i’m realizing i like his test shots more than the ones from the actual photoshoot.







how awesome is our lighting set-up? :D



currently listening to:
been pretty obsessed with this song recently.

krobar mayn

upcoming rapper / producer

i spent all day shooting him
and then had to reshoot him that evening and then the following morning
because he thought his hair looked funny.

krobar is very sweet,
but very vain..
and i mean that in the most endearing way. :)