shot inserts for 9 hours straight

for sean and the guerilla wanderers.

jessica, in boxed up.


on a lighter note,
whoever decided on using that video of osby flying around sf for one of the obsoleet visuals is brilliant.
i couldn’t stop laughing!


mad love and respect to sfrp.
you guys know how to throw an underground proper.

sorry i left early;
my body was busted from working all day.
here are some pictures
because i know how much you guys love to look at pics of yourselves. :p~

love my brother

i took vinh to his first warehouse party on saturday.
he was a little overwhelmed because i had introduced him to so many people.
when we left, i asked him, “well do you remember anyone’s names?”
he said, “osby.”

outside the evilbreaks party.


currently listening to:
normally i’d tease vinh for his crappy taste in music,
but i thought

this track
was pretty dope when he blasted it in the suv.

last week [in pictures]

knob tweekin’ at the evil breaks beach party.


“the psytrance room smells like hippies.”


evil furballs on their spaceship plot to take over the earth.


li’s camera phone has a flash. dur. i did not know this.


roof dwellers at the haight street fair.


used bin at amoeba records


at the clothes swap,
we played a mean game of poker.


got really irie and watched vi and donna’s cable access tv show.
it was hella funny.


tag. you’re it.


hazy rocks.


apa’s favorite koi fish jumped out of the pond and committed suicide.
he’s been terribly depressed about it.
brandon suggested that we get him a new one for father’s day.


currently listening to:
i like hazy because they sing ridiculously silly songs about ridiculously silly things.

no more red meat

"wish you were here."

brandon is at 1015 right now.
every time a sick track is dropped,
he calls me so i can hear the music too.


joey is the bestest.

graveley tells me that people in san francisco try so hard to be different,
yet they’re still all the same.

graveley: “and they’re not crazy like my friends in boston.”
me (sarcastically): “by crazy, do you mean they don’t wear women’s hats when they go out to bars?”
graveley: “hey fuck you.”

but there is some truth to what he says.
we spent friday night at numerous bars,
getting really drunk and poking fun at all the corn-fed, cookie-cutter hipsters/scenesters.
not one minute after alex leaves for the restroom,
this kid walks up to me in a von dutch trucker hat,
throwing me his best mack line.

me: “where’d you get your clothes? urban outfitters?”
kid: “i love that store!”

regardless, there’s always something fun to do in san francisco.

clown porn, angry femme bands and an outdoor breakbeat renegade
all in the same night? i’m always amused.


oh, and i’m a hypocrite.
despite all my shit talking about the bay area party scene being so incestuous,
i have the hugest crush on brandon.
he’s got the dopest personality and dances so damn cute.
he’s so going to be mine. he just doesn’t know it yet. :)

currently listening to:

honey i’m still free

goa in the morning, goa in the evening

i really try to avoid having to interact with low-class assholes,
but somehow he snuck into my life.

he’s this uneducated country bumpkin who left his wife and two children for my aunt.
then his wife showed up to my grandmother’s funeral to bitch out my aunt.
then he knocked up my aunt twice and left her.
then he heard that my parents were sponsoring my aunt and the children to come to the united states.
so then he convinced my aunt that she can’t raise two sons without a father
and all this bullshit about how he’s really in love with her and marries her..
while he’s still married to the other woman!

my parents were reluctant about bringing him to the united states,
but then my aunt spent two days crying on the phone with my mother.
my mother finally said, “i hate him, but i love my sister.”
so he gets his plane ticket here.

i can ramble on and on about the hundreds of idiotic things he’s said and done in the past six months,
but the worst has to be from last week,
when my uncle found an email from that maggot to his wife in vietnam
saying how when he makes enough money,
he’s going to leave my aunt and bring her to the united states.

i want my mother to knock some sense into my aunt,
but my mother said that she isn’t too bright, has very low self-esteem..
i feel sad for her. i feel sad for their children.

most of all,
i dislike having to pretend that i don’t know what’s going on
because every time i see that rat husband of hers,
i just want to punch him in the face.

i cut my hair on saturday.


it’s just a blurry webcam shot because it was nothing special.

oh, and on friday, i went to 550 to celebrate david’s birthday.
it was goa:psy trance night so the main room reeked of b.o. and patchouli.
nevertheless, it was nice to see some familiar faces. *coughbrandoncough*

currently listening to:
omg i love this remix!


li sasaki is my hero.

last night at the [re]collect art/music exhibit:
“can you play something slower? like hiphop?”
“you know, you’re clearing the dancefloor. maybe you should play some hiphop.”
“hey! can you play some hiphop?”

apparently breakbeat is not loved by all
and apparently people think i’m a jukebox and not a dj.

i was very discouraged,
but i’m glad my friends were there to give mad support and mad hugs.
you guys are the best.

the other performers and artists were impressive though.
one of my favorite pieces, by kevin nguyen


but osby and i couldn’t figure this one out.


we headed to an underground afterwards.


shaking my no-ass to ghetto tech with the greatest friends until 4am.
what a great friggin’ night.

i really like this picture that vincent took.


the rest of the pictures.

» »»

oh, and graveley came along and was recognized as “the christmas tree guy
and vincent as, “oh dude, didn’t you and veanne go on some photo adventure?”

it must be sort of strange huh, to read about someone, see their pictures..
and then to finally meet them in real life?

oh yeah, and

happy new years!

i spent my nye at ruby skye [i can’t believe people actually paid 100 bucks for a ticket]
and otherworld.

don’t remember much of the evening
except that there was
a lot of dancing
a lot of kissing
and a lot of good friends, old friends..

6am and still partying like a rockstar.


» »»

2004 was the year of dealing with random unnecessary bullshit.
2005 will be the year of random projects.

currently listening to:

beyond the sea

for kendrick, who pushes me, even from japan.

saturday night

underground renegade set below a freeway,
next to an industrial urban wasteland.
200 party kids.. oh those hardcore party kids will party anywhere.


po-po mofoz alwayz be spoilin’ our fun, bustin’ the party ‘n chit. funk joo mang!
we be mobbin’ to sparky’s dinah yO.


currently listening to:

jr. high school ghetto days

oode 6

i am incredibly grateful for being able to attend
such a special event that celebrates
friendship, music and joie de vivre.


saturday night, in the middle of the field,
backs on the ground, hand in hand, head on belly,
leg over arm, head on shoulders, hand in hand in hand,
while we all stared at the sky,
i realized how precious you all were and

“how wonderful life is, now you’re in the world…”

rewind again

last night at rewind,
you guys RAWkED the dancefloor.
i’m serious!
all you fools have rhythm,
shakin’ yer groove thang,
totally uninhibited..
music ties us together, baby.

oh eric, if only you didn’t like boys.


blue skies

we cruised the 101 to san francisco with the top down,
bumpin’ dj markie’s brazilian mix.

record shopping on the haight.


then headed to amalgamation.
those sfr planner kids sure know how to throw an underground party.
the majority of my night was spent downstairs
gettin’ jiggy with suburban kids to andy’s ghetto tech set
and announcing a fictional wedding that was to take place at sunkissed.

ryan took a bunch of pics.


last night – 2step underground stylee


why last night ruled ::
° low key, strictly through word of mouth/email to filter out the monkeys
° no etards, candy ravers or underaged kiddie porn
° surrounded by good friends and the nicest people
° vivacious 2steppers who scream with you when the bass drops!
° all star line up: stareyes, science, casper (flew in from chicago!), and mike bee.

i tell ya,
2step is the alternative groove for house. it’s so damn sexy and funky!


you know the infamous photo of the raver boy sticking his hand down that raver girl’s pants
that has been circulating all around the internet?
she’s got that “UHHHHH” expression on her face and he responds with the “Awe YEAH BABY” look.
the caption: “ticket to rave: $20, 2 hits of ecstacy: $40, water: $2, hand down some girl’s pants: priceless.”

the photo was taken at a harmony party @2nd and jackson in oakland..

madames et monsieurs, voici..
TOSHI, the once shameless, japanese exchange student responsible for that photo: