the zoo

hello i am super proud of myself.
my cousin tu taught me how to ride a xe hong-da (honda scooter) on sunday
and i drove him around his little town across the river.
still too chickenshit to make left turns,
but hopefully i’ll be brave enough to venture off into the main streets soon.

i told huong i wanted to check out the zoo,
and she wrote back,
“i heard the zoo here is really dilapidated and the animals are starved
and it smells like everything died. i’m so down.”
:) she’s so funny.

he’s smiling at me, isn’t he?



is this not the scraggliest little thing you’ve ever seen?


i’m sorry i didn’t not bring my camera with me this past weekend
because guess what i saw while driving through the city?
candy ravers.
imagine that, candy kids in saigon!
i got hella excited and wanted to yell out, “plur!”

when i asked my aunt about them, she said “oh those are bad kids.
they swallow these pills and dance violently for hours.”
i was like, “violently?”
she goes, “yes, violently. like this..”
and she throws her fists in the air and shakes her arms back and forth like beavis and butthead.

it was awesome. :)