rewind again

last night at rewind,
you guys RAWkED the dancefloor.
i’m serious!
all you fools have rhythm,
shakin’ yer groove thang,
totally uninhibited..
music ties us together, baby.

oh eric, if only you didn’t like boys.



last night – 2step underground stylee


why last night ruled ::
° low key, strictly through word of mouth/email to filter out the monkeys
° no etards, candy ravers or underaged kiddie porn
° surrounded by good friends and the nicest people
° vivacious 2steppers who scream with you when the bass drops!
° all star line up: stareyes, science, casper (flew in from chicago!), and mike bee.

i tell ya,
2step is the alternative groove for house. it’s so damn sexy and funky!