san jose, california

only two days here before driving to socal for che chanh’s wedding.
did my best to make time to see my best friends vi, rick and jeremy.

jeremy wanted to learn how to use his new nikon dslr
so we mobbed around in his rv taking random pictures.







last night, rick and i headed to campbell pool and pizza,
where i first learned how to shoot with gina when we were 16,
where i’d go every time i needed to de-stress by smacking balls around,
where we spent our youth.

i cannot express to you how sad i was to see the building boarded up and shut down.

currently listening to:
speaking of my youth,
puiki recently track id’ed a song that’s been stuck in my head
for the past ten years.
it was jackie cheung, not andy lau,
and the refrain kills me.

too much crap to deal with

and no time to write
so here are some photos from the other night at club clandestine.





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snagged from alex’s filthy needle breaks.
love it.


one of the actresses.


three things (you might want to read if you’re aspiring to be an actor):
1. despite my thursday-morning-courtesy-reminder email,
about half the actors scheduled didn’t bother to show up this weekend.
half of that half left me voicemails like this:
“oh i’m sorry. i was shooting another film today and
totally forgot about your audition until now.
can we reschedule for monday night?
i’m free at 5pm.”

saying such things makes you look more pretentious than superstar
and no one likes a flake.

2. certain actors who’ve been trained in
too many methods;
they’ve memorized and recited too many lines,
too many ways to execute one emotion..
i’m not sure where i’m going with this,
but there’s a staleness about them.

3. then there’s alex, actors like alex
who understand the craft, aren’t handicapped by methods.
i threw the first scene at him
and he threw back an improvised version.
it was so fucking honest
and he’s never studied method acting.

anyway, auditions are over
and i’ve learned quite a bit. :)

i needed to get away from the city noise
so we visited my parents at their new house in elk grove for a few days.

the neighboring houses are still being built.


sebby and rick are tagteaming tonight (wednesday) at clandestine in downtown san jose.
so yeah, holla if you wanna come kick it.

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yo, phife, you remember that routine, that we used to make spiffy like mister clean?

he's gonna drop alien girl..

i totally miss you rick.
so tonight,
a bunch of us are gonna head down south to check out your weekly club night.

yO peeps,
come out and support san jose drum&bass.


headliner has my two favorite guys tagteaming
and two for one sake bombs all night.
how much better can it get? :)

gone fishin'

see red.



[i wonder if anyone got the jonny l reference]

good bye san jose.
thanks for all the sunday afternoons of bammer j’s
cruisin’ to hi-NRG, “damn girl wassup?!”
and 7eleven chili cheese nacho trips.

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for the southside

california visit recap

nothing is more comforting than
catching up at the family dinner table with mom’s home cooking.

all girls slumber party at vi’s house.
we were all being sissy la la while watching the ring.
the freakiest part of the night was when the phone rang
immediately after the movie ended.
we all jumped up and screamed.
vi also surprised me with a birthday cake.

fresh catfish and stir-fried yummies | vi, karla, me & the birthday cake |
karla doing the cabbage patch


techno party in oakland.
it was nice seeing the reaction on people’s faces when they saw me.
“WTF?? what?? you’re here!!”

nico went all crazy on us | alida looking as cute as ever | miki and me


hung out in san francisco with tina and bought snowboards.
it felt like summer.

me in summer gear | tina in summer gear | patrice and her friendly snake


zeitgeist with rick, sean, tina, and lauren.
then dna lounge for goldie.
ran around the streets with tina tina the sperm cleana,
hollerin’ at random cute boys (like old times).
fell asleep in sean’s car before midnight and missed the whole show.

corey on the decks at dna | tequila shots | trailer at butter


lots and lots of sleep.

snowboarding in tahoe with vi, khai, tina and patrice.
found hikaru on the sugar and spice run,
got too excited and we fell on each other.
i took pics on a disposable camera.
i’ll upload when i develop them.

i will be here until sunday.

shimmy shimmy

friday night, rick and i got skilly.


saturday night, uk garage at the tenderloft.


yesterday, i babysat twitch, vinh’s new labrador puppy.
twitch is a very dumb dog.
i left briefly to check my email and when i returned,
he was chewing on a piece of poop he had just pooped.
EWWW! what kind of dog eats his own poop?!
then i thought to myself,
“OH DEAR GAWD. i just left him lick my face.”


crush on the upper haight

i’ve had the biggest crush on dj bailey
ever since i got ahold of his renegade hardware mixtape three years ago.

tonight he was playing at evan’s party, coincidentally called “crush.”

while standing at the bar,
rick nudges me and says,
“hey ve, guess who’s standing right behind you?”

i turned around and my stomach sank.
i wanted to jump him,
tell him he was the bomb shiznit
and offer to bear his children,

but all i could do was muster up an awkward smile.
he smiled back.

my night ruled. :)

bailey, with mc l-ski


rick: “dood, she’s hella hot! who is she?!”
me: “um, rick.. that’s a mannequin.”


hanging out in the restroom.


hikaru is such a cutie.


ride with us

rick has gradually become my favorite person in the world.
he’s always down to party with me even if he has to get up at 7am the next day.
hardcore. we’re always laughing when we’re together.


last night we hit up nick’s jungle club and the red room.
OMG. i have never seen so many cute people packed into a bar before.
if you’re ever in santa cruz on a thursday night,
check out the red room.

also, i met a terribly cute boy named ben.

currently listening to:

dad used to dance around the house singing this

tuesday night

rick and i headed off to phuturo and impulse.

“hey there sweet thang, we should hit *hiccup* err hang out sometime.”
had enough whiskey there alex? :)


guess whose panties these belong to..



ve: “you know, i’ve always wanted a labret piercing.”
rick: “well, why don’t we go get you one today?”
ve: “okay.”


knock knock

rick showed up on my doorstep this evening.
“lets cheer you up.”

campbell pool and pizza.




girls, this is rick. rick needs booty.


heh, i’m kidding. :)
because i’m such a great friend, i’m going to help rick in his quest for a kick ass girlfriend.

about rick ::
° he’s pretty cute (who sometimes resembles mark mcgrath from sugar ray).
° he’s a total sweetheart.
° he smells good.
° i can always depend on him to finish when i start, “i see you standing in the corner of the dancefloor..”
° he dances really well (even to 175bpm jungle!)
° and um, i’d do him if i weren’t so in love with my boyfriend.. =P

(mylai) what should it say on the page rick?
(djaphelion) i dunno
(djaphelion) stuff
(djaphelion) like
(djaphelion) im cool
(djaphelion) and i like hot girls with big brains

oh and he also digs junglist chicks.

(djaphelion) i prefer that she appeciates music
(djaphelion) that won’t make me listen to country
please email rick. he’d love to hear from you. =]

note: she-males need not reply.