winter break over.

i haven’t seen vincent since we broke up almost two years ago.
it’s nice that even after everything, the friendship is still there.


so i was telling joey,
“so vincent comes into the living room and my mom is carrying my little baby cousin
and he goes, ‘whose baby?’ and i go, ‘mine.’
dude! you should have seen the reaction on his face.”

and joey goes,
“dude, you should have said,
‘uhh.. it’s yours. that’s why i asked you to come here.'”


sacramento. inverted.


last friday was my last day at ziff davis media.
20 units to graduate in may and there was no way i could fit work into my schedule.
i was really sad to go.

annaliza gave me the coolest friggin’ gift.

the way into some girls hearts is through flowers and expensive jewelry.
the way into my heart is through books and limited pressed vinyl.

jackie's hair portfolio

my first attempt at studio portraits,
ghetto-rigged with three $10 ikea lamps
and a plastic grocery bag to diffuse the lighting.


although i’m always down for the challenge of learning new things,
and jackie made the experience really fun and fed me yummy banh mi,
i don’t think i’m cut out for this style of photography.

i guess the best way to explain what i mean is..
this is my favorite shot from the series:


» »»

the pics i took of jason and loren were used
for the “bullet over fives” poster. cool beans!


and a big congratulations to the cast and crew
for winning the audience award at the sacramento film festival.

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also why i will be at the mezzanine this saturday.

roger was my hero yesterday.

laurie invited me back to shoot stills for
the most talented film production crew in sacramento yesterday.
they were working on ibucho’s music video “that’s what i say.”

leon. i like when musicians close their eyes while jammin’.


i also like taking pictures of people when they don’t know i’m taking pictures of them.
[zoom lens on the models/actors]





two exams, two papers. done.

all of this “oh i miss you veanne! we should hang out!” drivel,
but none of my butthead friends will come visit me in sactown
because “sacramento sucks ass.”

whatever dude. my camera kept me entertained for the evening.

collage per chad(who i absolutely adore)’s request:


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autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of.. the decepticons!!!


sprung, hooked.

vincent took me to fox and goose to see his friend’s band tonight.


sound checking.


playing around with long shutter speeds on sactown boys.


[nate, vincent, mike]

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perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

"stats boy"

i found a new partner in crime to go on photo adventures with me.


using knee as tripod.


vincent in a balancing act.


we spent all day yesterday trespassing, hopping fences..



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oh mickey what a pity you don’t understand