san jose, ca

peter, miguel, linda and i made a lot of fond memories during the first half of high school,
cloaked in bed sheets running around the playground at mt. diablo pretending to be vampires,
learning how to chain smoke while reenacting scenes from reservoir dogs,
mobbin’ around the southbay in linda’s mazda…

i’m in san jose for the weekend to catch up with old friends
so i tried to get 3/4 of us together (since linda is off in l.a. somewhere being famous),
but we couldn’t get a hold of miguel so it was just gonna be me and pete.

and then the other day, vi says,
“there’s an art exhibit in downtown if you guys wanna hit it up with us.”
so i checked out the flyer and miguel was the first artist listed. kismet!

it’s strange to be back in san jose, with friends i haven’t seen for years, who’ve never left,
who’ve endured such hardships (and i mean, incredible hardships) and overcame them
only to shine.

miggy doing what he does best.


peter is still the quirky, sweet guy he’s always been.


since we were in downtown, nate and i decided to make a quick stop at la victoria’s
to pick up a bottle of their special sauce… something i’ve been craving since i left many years ago.

san jose, california

only two days here before driving to socal for che chanh’s wedding.
did my best to make time to see my best friends vi, rick and jeremy.

jeremy wanted to learn how to use his new nikon dslr
so we mobbed around in his rv taking random pictures.







last night, rick and i headed to campbell pool and pizza,
where i first learned how to shoot with gina when we were 16,
where i’d go every time i needed to de-stress by smacking balls around,
where we spent our youth.

i cannot express to you how sad i was to see the building boarded up and shut down.

currently listening to:
speaking of my youth,
puiki recently track id’ed a song that’s been stuck in my head
for the past ten years.
it was jackie cheung, not andy lau,
and the refrain kills me.

all the djs do it, all the djs use it.

back in mid-september,
i spent a few days at my cousin’s house in san francisco
where i arrived crying, heartbroken,
where her husband baked me cookies,
where i pulled out her old disney piano book and spent all evening on her baby grand,
where they auspiciously convinced me that i would be okay.

i told suzanne i would miss her terribly and
she came up with this wonderful idea for how we could stay in touch.

each day, every other day,
we’d post a photo from our lives.

like when the sandwich maker at the deli drew a heart on my container box with a sharpie,
like at the l.e.s. french restaurant where i suddenly had a good day when the waiter called me “love”
as in “yes love, what can i get you love?”
and like when i got really sad because i was really hungry,
but then i dropped the noodles on frankie’s kitchen floor.


suzanne is on the left, i’m on the right.

currently listening to:
when i first got my license,
heather and i used to mob around san jose blasting this song


this was before i knew what falling felt like and before i became such an asshole.

too much crap to deal with

and no time to write
so here are some photos from the other night at club clandestine.





currently listening to:

snagged from alex’s filthy needle breaks.
love it.