old stuff

while going through my itunes library,
i came across

this track
i made in protools for an audio production class
i’d taken during my second semester at the university of san francisco
(christophe on guitar).

don’t laugh too hard.

media institutions homework

usually, independent filmmakers work from the ground up,
struggling to get exposure for their projects,
so i found it interesting that daniel wu did it the other way around.

after establishing himself as an actor in the hong kong movie industry,
dan took on the role of director with “heavenly kings”,
a part narrative, part documentary that exposes the
politics and commodification of cantopop in the hong kong music industry.

basically he and his friends formed a boy band with minimal talent
and became a huge phenomenon in asia, performing to over 50,000 fans.
proof that saccharine, karaoke music prevails over actual talent.

our group project was defining independent film:
from content and aesthetics to mode of production and distribution.
my section of the project revolved around the directors,
but i handed off my behind the scenes footage and interview with sean,
who we normally view as an independent filmmaker,
to kad (who needed to do some extra credit work)

and concentrated on daniel, who made me rethink that maybe the term “independent film”
isn’t based on who’s behind it, but rather its content.

here’s an edited down version of my interview with him for our class presentation:

even though “heavenly kings” takes place in asia,
i think its themes are pretty relevant to our own u.s. pop music industry.

alpha sigma nu

i got nominated and i really don’t know what it’s all about,
but this part of their email:

“There are numerous advantages to membership in Alpha Sigma Nu,
ranging from networking opportunities to
eligibility for exemption from final exams during your last semester at USF.

got me interested.
no finals? oh hell yeah!

shotgun bang, what's up with that thang

it seems like in the past few months,
vi and i have been really porkin’ out.

so we came up with this bet:
person who loses the most weight in a month
(no throwing up, no diet tea that makes you poop, NO CHEATING)
gets to pick out an outfit for the loser
and they have to wear it out to a big club night – for maximum exposure. =]

if i won, i’d make vi sport this to the club:


[from the infamous gem sweater site]

but you know,
that bitch looks good in anything so i don’t know..
i might have to find something more embarrassing..
like a matching gold fanny pack or something.

» »»

all of my class notes from the past six months, stapled and sorted for finals,
are now useless.


and throwing them away
is the saddest part about the end of the semester.

hiphop karaoke

from professor bresnan’s awakening:
“During the period of a thousand philosophers,
the alchemists in China would put their faith in a substance, external to the body,
which possessed properties that, when ingested, would confer immorality.
The search for this elixir of life resulted in some pretty amazing concoctions.
One of these concoctions led to the serendipitous discovery of gunpowder.”

isn’t it ironic that a recipe intended to confer immorality
should end up conferring so much mayhem and death?

» »»

christy turned twenty-one on thursday,
which, basically, was just an excuse for the
“i’m not a player i just crush a lot” crew to get rowdy at the hip hop club.


friday night, karaoke at silver clouds with vivian and friends.
photograph courtesy of jeremy.


six hours in an uncomfortable wooden chair

the highlight of my day has been the discovery of tran te xuong,
a poet, scholar and advocate in the resistance movement against the french colonization of vietnam.

i eat bamboo shoots in fall,
beat sprouts in winter,
bathe in the lotus pond in spring,
swim in the lake in summer.
in winter they wear socks.
in summer, they use feather fans.