seattle, washington

on ferry to bainbridge island.


handsome ravi.


belly rubs don’t seem to be working.
ravi and luke are threatening to stick their finger in my butt if i don’t poop soon. “but we’re doctors!”

happy new year

my original plan of watching the sunrise with hikaru from the oakland hills with 40’s in brown paper bags
was thwarted by a text message request from luke to be his new year’s kiss in seattle.

waking up on ravi’s couch with him cuddled up next to me
was one of the nicest mornings i’ve had in a long time.

luke buhrmester

quick trip up north

we went to portland and seattle.
didn’t pull out my camera much.
there were times when i thought to myself, “oh this would look nice for a picture”,
but felt that i had already taken something like it before.



» »»

at the bookstore, i came across this memoirs of a geisha photo book and was all,
“omg! that’s me!” (circled in red)


i thought it was the funniest thing ever. :)