shiny happy people

some of my friends have been accusing me of being a crackmonkey;
depriving myself of much needed sleep,
plowing into projects for which i have no time,
while still trying to maintain a normal work_school_social life schedule..

but really, i couldn’t be happier.
my only regret is not having enough time to read as much as i used to.

tidbits from my past week

club icon,
crazy asian kids at the dj booth..


[pics by nat]

alee, my uber rad hairstylist uncle,
and his girlfriend peggy were in town from los angeles.


a bunch of us raced cars at malibu grand prix
for ian’s birthday.


the birthday boy.


two phly kids at the sfraves ten year anniversary party.

[pic by sean]

blue skies

we cruised the 101 to san francisco with the top down,
bumpin’ dj markie’s brazilian mix.

record shopping on the haight.


then headed to amalgamation.
those sfr planner kids sure know how to throw an underground party.
the majority of my night was spent downstairs
gettin’ jiggy with suburban kids to andy’s ghetto tech set
and announcing a fictional wedding that was to take place at sunkissed.

ryan took a bunch of pics.