cuts and bruises.

slipped on a behemoth block of ice,
lost control, slammed into a tree. hard.

while lying on my back, snapping out of vertigo,
i looked up and thought,
“huh. these trees look pretty. i should take some pictures.”



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and i thought

wouldn’t make me go as fast as if it were drum&bass. wrong.

i'm happiest when it snows.

shot from my office building. (click here to view if player doesn’t load.)

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i am not this girl anymore.

permanently stuck on my itunes


the night of the blizzard.


our new kitten zoe, also referred to as, “the little one.”


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for the 80’s teenie bopper

late last night

late last night,
when it began snowing,
nat and i took a walk through the park.



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tell me you remember this classic

walking in a winter wonderland

“ever notice how everything is much quieter when it snows?”

despite all of your californian stereotypes of a december boston,
i think the winter here is really pleasant.
i love how the chilly air makes people’s noses and cheeks pink,
and at night,
how the street lights create this warm, benevolent atmosphere.

photos taken last night.
they’re pretty blurry but i love the colors.