humbling experience.

the other weekend i shot socal’s wushu tournament.
it was my first time shooting an indoor sports event
and i did very badly.

but that’s the only way you get better;
you learn from your mistakes..
and you save up money to buy a better lens.

my best shot, which isn’t all that good.


brandon introduced me to this friendly man


and i noticed that little kids kept coming up to him, asking him for his autograph.
so i asked him, “are you like, some superstar wushu guy or something?”
and he goes, “i was in starwars. i played darth maul.”
and i go, “oh.. i haven’t seen that movie.”

brandon still keeps calling me a goober because
i’m the only person on this planet who has never seen any of the star wars movies,
well except for alida, but she’s a goober too.

road trip to socal

evil breaks had a gig in los angeles
and brandon invited me along for the ride.
i told him, “oh hell yeah!”

then i realized this would be our first date,
a first date that would span a whole weekend.
osby said, “this could go really well or really badly.”

it went really well. :)

brandon and aaron may look all serious in these pics during the drive down



but they’re actually the two sweetest, most down to earth guys you’ll ever meet.
and they’re also big dorks.

currently listening to:
omfg i have to have this record!!!!

outta space

trip to socal for my b-day


vincent treats me really well
and makes me laugh
and smells really good
and looks awesomely cute in hoodies.
he’s like, perfect. for now.
i leave in june anyway.

me, slurping caprisuns right before the hailstorm.


more pics here, though they’re mostly of us being dorks.