pushing squares

ben and i met up with a few of my good ol’ sf buddies for burritos..
then squarepusher at the mezzanine.

that i know of,
a squarepusher concert is the only place where you can hear
all genres of electronic music (and then some!) during one set.

i absolutely loved it..
but then the experimental ruckus and strobe lights
went on too long and
it soured my eardrums.
i was ready to go home.

» »»

my hands constantly shake.
i hate the intrusiveness of the flash
so images taken at clubs
usually end up being a big unidentifiable blob..
but sometimes, i like the outcome.

my two favorite photographs shot from tonight are of scott.



i didn’t want to post another concert crowd shot,
but i like how the texture in this photograph..
(taken during one of the strobe light sessions)
the people look like drawn/painted characters on the covers of
late 1970’s teenage mystery novels.

squarepusher plays the geetar.


chillits and sunset

scott and i drove four hours up north
past this dinky hick town called willits
to marinate with naked hippies and old school ravers.
i decided to leave my ghetto rigged_duct taped digital camera at home
and borrowed my dad’s old school ricoh slr.
i haven’t shot on an slr since my trip to vietnam.

the photographs were developed today
and more than half of them were blurry and over/under exposed..
*sigh* i’ve become rusty.

becca and alida.




caryn, representing massive south bay talent.


self portrait in the restroom.


sunday afternoon,
on our way back,
we stopped by the sunset party in novato.


nat flies into town tomorrow. i’m so excited!

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