humbling experience.

the other weekend i shot socal’s wushu tournament.
it was my first time shooting an indoor sports event
and i did very badly.

but that’s the only way you get better;
you learn from your mistakes..
and you save up money to buy a better lens.

my best shot, which isn’t all that good.


brandon introduced me to this friendly man


and i noticed that little kids kept coming up to him, asking him for his autograph.
so i asked him, “are you like, some superstar wushu guy or something?”
and he goes, “i was in starwars. i played darth maul.”
and i go, “oh.. i haven’t seen that movie.”

brandon still keeps calling me a goober because
i’m the only person on this planet who has never seen any of the star wars movies,
well except for alida, but she’s a goober too.