impervious to blue

i’m rather fond of this summer.
a bit reluctant to say goodbye.

shoe tossing, shoe telephone line, shoe powerline

brooklyn, new york

landlord finally whacked the weeds. this week, he finishes off the fence.


to kick start the summer,
kimmie, didi and i are tentatively planning a bbq & movie night in the backyard in two weeks,
borrowing tony’s projector and screening one of these films off a white canvas on the building wall:

• le diner de cons
• the great gatsy
• cinema paradiso
• jaws
• goonies
• a bout de souffle
• wet hot american summer
• do the right thing
• summer of sam
• la dolce vita
• indiana jones
• 400 blows
• serial mom
• the burbs
• breakin’
• clerks
• license to drive
• the outsiders
• the karate kid
• big trouble in little china

trying to figure out which one would be a great summer movie that both dudes and chicks would like.

last hoozah and goodbye and stuff.

how else would i have spent my last weekend in california and ended this beautiful summer.

saturday night on the patio dance floor,
hefeweizen bottle in hand with my best friend by my side,
i was so damn happy. you don’t even know.

camera batteries ran out of juice half-way through the weekend,
but i was able to snap some pics before it died.
click here.

ezekiel. :)


this one:


[pic by joey]

is my tribute to all the sexy men in beijing:


yeah i know. my aunt was like,
“there are so many beautiful things to shoot in beijing,
and you shoot that??”

speaking of which, i can’t believe i still haven’t posted pictures from china.
will do that soon i hope..

• • • • •

anyway, off to the airport.
til we meet again bitches!
thanks for all the stolen fire extinguishers,
tip to tip action, ghettotech & brown paper bags,
whiskey & sharpies, whip-its & jerk off circles in the middle of baseball fields,
dirty basslines at dirty undergrounds underneath dirty freeways,
house parties, beach parties, cabin parties at becca’s and veronica’s,
hohners, secret society, 2nd and crackson, killasubz, afterglo, brookdale lodge,
phuturo, 550, dna, an sibin, eklektic, new hack, acme, eufuckingphonic genesis…

currently listening to:
nothing says it better than

jefferson starship