*slap* right back at ya babe!

saturday night, after “sky captain and the world of tomorrow”,
andreas and i rollerskated/bladed around stanford until 4am.
such a beautiful campus, but sort of creepy at night, especially in the rodin sculpture garden.


» »»

sunday, party at the civic center.
it was great seeing you guys.. damn lushes. :)

brandon is muy silly.


more pics here.

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cheesy vocals over breakbeat,

the theme
to my sunday in the park.

just put me in a wheelchair, get me to the show

joey is doing promotions for the exotic erotic ball
and needed nudie magazines for advertisement purposes.
he was afraid of looking like a pervert so i went along with him to the smut store.
the guy behind the counter asked me if i needed any help.
“yeah, do you have any dvds with chicks who don’t look old enough to be my mom?”

mind you, i was totally kidding.
he didn’t laugh though. instead, i was directed to the barely legal section.

life in san francisco.
“did you go to the hippyfest today?”
“you mean the protest?”
“yeah, that’s what i said, ‘hippyfest.'”

that evening, johnny’s house party.
he built a halfpipe in the driveway.
i tried to take action photos.

li bails. does that count as action?


massive turn out for the first sunset party of the year.
toshok was kind enough to lend me his camera.

the crowd.


right before sunset, i ventured off into the hills.


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twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go

quand il me prend dans ses bras

since my sketching proficiency is limited to stick figures,
i decided to kidnap vi for a few hours and photograph my storyboard instead.




» »»

saturday night,
i wanted to curl up on the couch and watch a movie,
but i didn’t want to see it with anyone but sebby.
sebby is in arizona.

so we both went to our local blockbusters,
picked out a movie over the phone and

“on the count of three.. one, two, three” *click play button*

we synchronized our dvd players
so from 739.1 miles apart,
we watched “secretary” together
over the phone.

» »»

moving the rest of my stuff into the san francisco loft on tuesday.

the view from my rooftop.


chillits and sunset

scott and i drove four hours up north
past this dinky hick town called willits
to marinate with naked hippies and old school ravers.
i decided to leave my ghetto rigged_duct taped digital camera at home
and borrowed my dad’s old school ricoh slr.
i haven’t shot on an slr since my trip to vietnam.

the photographs were developed today
and more than half of them were blurry and over/under exposed..
*sigh* i’ve become rusty.

becca and alida.




caryn, representing massive south bay talent.


self portrait in the restroom.


sunday afternoon,
on our way back,
we stopped by the sunset party in novato.


nat flies into town tomorrow. i’m so excited!

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do you know squarepusher?