wistful nostalgia

cousins chanh, tc, suzanne and i grew up with the new kids on the block.
we spent our summers learning dance routines to “the right stuff”,
carefully crafting fan letters proclaiming our undying love and devotion,
and playing the hangin’ tough vhs ad nauseam until the magnetic tape would stretch
and the images would become static messes.

we were little girls madly in love for the first time,
the kind of love that never goes away.

i’m supposed to be in los angeles this summer,
so i called each cousin tonight and asked them (in a very serious tone)
“can you leave friday, july 1st open for me?”

when i explained i could snag us tickets to the knotb concert for that night,
their response was hysterical,
screeching excitement,
like tweeny boppers all over again.

july 1st,
one night of childhood bliss with three beautiful cousins,
it’s on like donkey kong!

hangin' tough

san francisco, ca

the guestroom at suzanne’s is like a museum for all things darling.


charlie seems to think so too.

all the djs do it, all the djs use it.

back in mid-september,
i spent a few days at my cousin’s house in san francisco
where i arrived crying, heartbroken,
where her husband baked me cookies,
where i pulled out her old disney piano book and spent all evening on her baby grand,
where they auspiciously convinced me that i would be okay.

i told suzanne i would miss her terribly and
she came up with this wonderful idea for how we could stay in touch.

each day, every other day,
we’d post a photo from our lives.

like when the sandwich maker at the deli drew a heart on my container box with a sharpie,
like at the l.e.s. french restaurant where i suddenly had a good day when the waiter called me “love”
as in “yes love, what can i get you love?”
and like when i got really sad because i was really hungry,
but then i dropped the noodles on frankie’s kitchen floor.


suzanne is on the left, i’m on the right.

currently listening to:
when i first got my license,
heather and i used to mob around san jose blasting this song


this was before i knew what falling felt like and before i became such an asshole.

che che

this past weekend,
my cousins and i met halfway in san luis obispo
for a relaxing all-girls retreat
away from work, school, the children.

friday night at the madonna inn,
i dolled up suzanne and tc
and we hammed it up for the camera
(tran, just as adorable, was camera shy and went to bed early).



yours truly.




dollin’ tc up.


we tried to act sexy






serious (though i think tc thought i said constipated)




but then suzanne fell


and then tc’s eyelash fell off


and then the pictures got blurrier


and blurrier


and then i tried to call it a night, but then this crazy old lady..


we had an awesome time at the beach
and ate lots of awesome cookies

currently watching:
and i have the most awesome cousins.
check out this .mov of suzanne,
doin’ the head bounce to some renaissance music at a restaurant.


why i will never again go to walgreens

to transfer my film pictures to cd.

look at this!



that is totally a pube.
i mean, you can even see the little root thingy on the end.
someone put a pube on the scanner!

suzanne and neil

a simple, classy wedding


that reflected a simple, classy couple.


benjamin takes a nap after the tea ceremony.