72 hour film shootout

this year, rain and tess play the lead again,
except they play very different characters from last year’s “cold war.”



i suggested the idea of a fairy tale
because i’m all about the whimsical stuff.
plus my heart’s been in a very hopeful mood lately.

audio too low, continuity issues, but i had some personal issues to deal with,
so no time to fix and we barely made the deadline,
but not too shabby for 72 hours to write, produce, shoot, edit… make a movie.

it’s officially online so check it out:
grace and the staten island fairy

(skip the first 30 seconds; it’s just bars, tones and stuff).
and if you like it, show us some love on youtube.

last week was a bad week.

this week started off really well with
the new york asian american international film festival 72 hour shootout awards ceremony.

cold war” snagged four.



[tess also won best actress, rain as best actor]

so it’s nowhere near the academy awards,
but it still felt pretty damn good.

also, princess of nebraska played opening night.
it was cool to see some of my stills in the program and on the poster.


i don’t think i’ll never get excited seeing my stuff in print.

we made a film

the 72 hour film shootout is a nationwide competition organized by aafilmlab
where filmmaking teams have 72 hours to write, shoot, edit and produce short films
up to five minutes in length on a common theme.

this year’s theme was “a first goodbye.”

for 56 grueling hours, we sweat, bled and made “cold war”:

here’s a quick behind the scenes shot taken by tomur:


more about us here:

fall in easy

shot some stills for wayne wang‘s upcoming movie,
“the princess of nebraska.”

mr. wang and ling li.


how many actresses do you know
can look gorgeous on screen
without having to put on any makeup?



• • • • •

congratulations to logan, rain and crew
for launching their pilot episode of “72nd to canal.”

rain brought me along on set while i was in new york
and i took a couple of pics.





this nice man saw francis shooting and asked him to record him and his cute dog.


check out the show at http://www.72canal.com/.
some really funny clips.