4th of july weekend

at becca’s cabin up north.

quality cuddle time with stacey, becca, alida, scott and tina.


we made our own fireworks down by the river.


more pics here.

stacey and i left early to catch brandon’s gig at 1015.


[that’s my baby on the decks]

bbq at danny’s on treasure island the next day.


currently listening to:
snagged from stacey from alida. the official summer theme song.

if i ever feel better

friday evening

in my parents living room with karla, tina, fang and the birthday girl
screaming like a bunch of sissies to ju on.

hiding behind the blanket.


"you better watch who you're calling a child, lois

because if i’m a child, do you know what that makes you?
a pedophile.
and i’ll be damned if i’m gonna stand here and be lectured by a pervert.”

the family guy = hilariously brilliant

» »»

last week, forty people sardined our flat for the 7 4 1 party. good times..
(tina’s bedroom from my bedroom)


two weeks ago, the view from cat’s cabin.


sebby took me to see city of god last week.
by far, the best movie i’ve seen this year.

currently listening to:

shimmy shimmy coco pop

happy berfday to me. i smell like peepee.

this morning started off with an 8am phone call from jeremy
to remind me that i’m a year closer to menopause.

then i got teased by my coworkers for the flowers delivered to my desk with the note:
“happy birthday veanne, the best girl in the world. unf! love, your secret admirers.”
i’d say fess up now, but i think i know who the culprits are *ah hem*
(i really miss you guys, btw)

i’ve been pretty overwhelmed with work/school
and i have a deadline for various things tomorrow;
was going to reschedule dinner at miyaki’s with vi for another night,
but she called to tell me she was already on her way.

i thought it was just going to be the two of us….

but guess friggin’ what!
sixteen friends were sitting at a table, waiting for us.

i was befuddled for a good three seconds before it hit me.
i was really, really surprised.
tina and vi, i love you guys.. sneaky little bitches.

he had me stand on a chair while everyone cheered me on.
“drink it. it’s just water.”
am i gullible or what?

“when i say sake, you say bomb! sake -” “bomb!” “sake -” “bomb!”


a big *huG* and thanks to everyone who made my birthday such an awesome one.

currently listening to:

here’s one for the old school ravers

the anti-valentines

date & time: this saturday afternoon, february 14th, 2004

deelio: hang out with the dorado terrace girls (and meet lisa, our newest addition),
bread and brie, zoolander, get scissor happy and swap clothes

what to bring:
• old clothes you don’t want anymore
• old clothes you can’t fit anymore (cause your dumbass ate too many korean noodles)
• snacks to share
• scissors, duct tape, safety pins..

where: our flat.
if you don’t know where that is,
email me.

no drama hoes or penises.

new years day

tina and i lounged on the couch in our pajamas
and watched sex and the city episodes all day.
what a perfect way to start off the new year.

my world spins when he kisses me

i traded therese a six pack of newcastle for bleaching my hair.

for kalli and linh, two former blondes. :)


last night at el rio,
while standing in line for the restroom,
in dim lighting..


and finally,
i keep getting asked,
“so who is this sebastian?”

i can rant continuously about how amazing he is,
but you just have to meet him to know what i’m talking about.

and for once,
all of my friends,
from tina to joey to rick to even vi,
collectively adore him.

[pic taken by my lovely roommate]

ps. we were little bo peep and the sheep
for the dj assault party on halloween.

currently listening to:
driving back from the underground, crossing the bay bridge in the fog,

this song came on

"feel feel feeeeeeeel the heat."

by sunday,
i had worked (and gone to school) twelve consecutive days.
i was ready for a mini vacation.
so i hopped on a plane to arizona.

after sebastian picked me up from the airport,
we had lunch with tina, therese and phil in phoenix.

driving back from sedona.


sebby surprised me with a chax bear
because it reminded him of me.

it’s cute “because you’re adorable”
it’s red “because you’re passionate”
and it has claws “because you’re bad ass.”


so like..
i think i’ll keep you around a little longer
because you can mad kick it with my friends
and because thinking of you makes me smile..

» »»

today i am back in the fog.

the view from tina’s window.
i like how the antennas vaguely look like people.


currently listening to:

sugar how’d you get so fly

last week of summer

i spent labor day weekend at becca’s house on the russian river
with the biggest pervs in the bay area.

stickman is teh ghey.


more pics here.

» »»

friday night,
brenna, stacey and i hiked a mile down the steep mountain in half moon bay
for a trance (yes, trance) party on the beach.

we ventured into the caves..

hey thad, i took your girlfriend skinny dipping in the ocean.


more pics here.

» »»

last night, danny and i checked out christophe’s band on bayshore.


then tina and i headed off to the tenderloft party
but left due to police drama.
i ended up spending the rest of the evening hanging out with dustin
who showed me this awesome short film he made
where he shaves off all of his shoulder-length hair.
“what happened to the hair?”
“i donated it to a charity that made wigs for chemo patients.”
that so rocks.

currently listening to:

if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life

quando quando quando

i can’t find one specific photograph that represents
my whole weekend at the fnf campout;
there was so much going on.

and besides, this is what i saw for the majority of the time.
(“follow the orange! all i see is the orange!”)


some things i do remember:
• lounging in the hot tub when the thunder storm began.
we stayed in there regardless,
i mean we were already wet and it was warm in the hot tub.

• trying to pass out in my tent
but waking up to everyone screaming at the lightning flashes
and to tina yelling at me,
“veanne! wake the fuck up you weaksauce!”
opened up my tent to see a naked ryan and stacey running towards me
and then getting pounced on.

• during our hike,
i saw this native american man,
decked out in his full head gear,
staring at me from deep in the woods,
but then we got closer,
it was just a cluster of trees.
that was creepy.

• belligerent ryan talking to the sheeps and chickens. ba-ba-ba baGOk!

• ethan’s set saturday night, dancing with my friends
and feeling like, veanne.

the faeries, a lovely, colorful addition to the scenery.

the photograph looks fuzzy because my hand was sticky with sunblock
and i accidentally touched the lens. cool effect eh?

fire dancer.


in the garden, we found this greedy little thing that wouldn’t let go of ryan’s finger!


driving home.. this photograph reminds me of the city of lost children.


friends and family is a community of
beautiful, talented, diverse, thoughtful people
tied together by the appreciation of great music.
i am blessed to be a part of this unique community.
“come on veanne! it’s time to for the ceremony!”
“what’s the ceremony?”
“it’s like church. but not dumb.”

» »»

back in boston.

my final weekend in california

friday evening:
i skipped the “porn stars” and “rack my cack” parties.

i tagged along on the set of anton’s upcoming indie film “hindsight.”
i was intrigued by how they shot the film in a parking lot at night,
but they had about three different lights illuminating the scene to mimic night.

eric, dp.


anton, director aka “can’t you see i’m busy here?!” pizza muncher.


saturday evening:
all girls slumber party, sport.

helen hunt in teal dinosaur hair clips, incredible cheese in the bread bowl,
toilet cleaner beer, that gad awful show cheaters
and heather’s infamous spinning wheel of drunkin’ dares.
most commonly spun: “drunk dial”

random dialing on everyone’s cellphones,
shrieking orgasmic moans and obscene messages.

and yeah, they got ahold of my cellphone.
so to the victims of our antics,
1. hope you guys didn’t mind or 2. sorry.

3am straight voddy shots, photographed by heather.


lazy day continued at tina’s.
cutting up clothes making new clothes,
watching goonies, snarfin’ pizza,
and ignoring my ceaselessly ringing cell phone.
“awe crap.. who called up macadio last night?!”

life in california is good, buddy.


this past week,
tina and vi came to visit and
the apartment swelled with laughter.


nat has left for ireland
and the girls have gone back to california
.. i’m feeling a little empty.

i don’t feel like reiterating the whole week so i’ll rely on
tina and vi to do so.

but i will mention that the most memorable part of last night
was at the chinese restaurant after club pravda.

after (i think) two tequila shots, one buttery nipple, numerous mixed drinks,
and a plate of rice, chicken, pork, veggies..
linh had her head dangling from the edge of the table
and i suddenly felt a big *SPLAt* on my leg.
vi and i pulled our chairs back,
looked down and
found that linh had vomited all over the floor,
on our legs and in her purse.

vi and i exchanged mimicked reactions
and busted up laughing
while everyone in the surrounding tables glared in disgust.

linh rocks. =)

gno in new york

cynthia, vi, tina and i hopped on the chinatown bus to new york for the weekend.

six clubs in one night,
but i only made it to three.
hung out with some hookers in the back of some pick-up truck.

took the taxi back to the hotel by myself and passed out.
got woken up at 7am by loud, drunk girls jumping on the bed,
singing a-ding a-ding a-ding a-ding.

“what the hell veanne?!
you used to be hella hardcore
and now you’re all weak sauce.”

i handed over my mvp title to vi.

at the remote lounge.


our picture made it on their website.

somewhere in new york.


currently listening to:

this track was playing at every club we went to

california visit recap

nothing is more comforting than
catching up at the family dinner table with mom’s home cooking.

all girls slumber party at vi’s house.
we were all being sissy la la while watching the ring.
the freakiest part of the night was when the phone rang
immediately after the movie ended.
we all jumped up and screamed.
vi also surprised me with a birthday cake.

fresh catfish and stir-fried yummies | vi, karla, me & the birthday cake |
karla doing the cabbage patch


techno party in oakland.
it was nice seeing the reaction on people’s faces when they saw me.
“WTF?? what?? you’re here!!”

nico went all crazy on us | alida looking as cute as ever | miki and me


hung out in san francisco with tina and bought snowboards.
it felt like summer.

me in summer gear | tina in summer gear | patrice and her friendly snake


zeitgeist with rick, sean, tina, and lauren.
then dna lounge for goldie.
ran around the streets with tina tina the sperm cleana,
hollerin’ at random cute boys (like old times).
fell asleep in sean’s car before midnight and missed the whole show.

corey on the decks at dna | tequila shots | trailer at butter


lots and lots of sleep.

snowboarding in tahoe with vi, khai, tina and patrice.
found hikaru on the sugar and spice run,
got too excited and we fell on each other.
i took pics on a disposable camera.
i’ll upload when i develop them.

i will be here until sunday.

due to the mexico vow

this past weekend,
three of my favorite crackheads and i


(and two other girls) took a trip to the flashiest, most sinful city in america:
las vegas, nevada.


i’m really going to miss karla; the other clumsy girl,
tina; crazy girl gone wild,
and vi;
the sacrificial flirt who got us vip’ed for five out of six clubs
and had the guts to show the crowd the wokka wokka
while dancing on stage at coyote ugly.

you win the mvp award this time miss ghetto *fob*ulous.


tina and vi and the foot long pina-colada-strawberry-daquiry.


more pics here.

currently listening to:
sorry, but i can’t get off the catchy hiphop tip.

imma be the one to break it to ya


i brought the mason jar of coffee with me to the club tonight
and was teased by everyone..


it took me two records to realize that
the crossfader and volume control were not working.
it took another few records to adapt and mix through the eq’s.

the best times are when your friends are there
because you start focusing the adrenaline rush on them and
you remember to breath and just have a fun time.

my crackhead friends made a pornstar sign on the stage for me with flyers.

(photo by tina).

sorry i forgot to juggle the crossfader with my nose like i promised.
okay time for bed. i have to be up in three hours.

unproductive week

nat was in town so i spent the week up in san francisco with him..
and some friends.

hikaru gets frisky with an unsuspecting mannequin.


“lola ferrera” and i crashed
the linuxworld expo under fake porn star alias’.


currently listening to:

this song was playing
during our drive to the airport.


scott, becca, tina, alida, ryan and i abandoned our techie gadgets..
waddled in the lake, sang impromptu,
giggled innuendos, read books, meditated,
learned tidbits on the life and teachings of siddharta guatama,
and found brief inner peace in idyllic seclusion
at a zen-buddhist monastary.

darling miss alida.


little koen peepin’ in the window.


the other side of the window.


marley, the bohemian wildchild i sometimes wish i could be.


hiphop karaoke

from professor bresnan’s awakening:
“During the period of a thousand philosophers,
the alchemists in China would put their faith in a substance, external to the body,
which possessed properties that, when ingested, would confer immorality.
The search for this elixir of life resulted in some pretty amazing concoctions.
One of these concoctions led to the serendipitous discovery of gunpowder.”

isn’t it ironic that a recipe intended to confer immorality
should end up conferring so much mayhem and death?

» »»

christy turned twenty-one on thursday,
which, basically, was just an excuse for the
“i’m not a player i just crush a lot” crew to get rowdy at the hip hop club.


friday night, karaoke at silver clouds with vivian and friends.
photograph courtesy of jeremy.


blah blah

wednesday night:
false profits party.
beautiful people with impeccable style.
wrote “wanna make out?” on the palm of my hand
and flashed it at random guys.
received nothing but lame “awe! how cute!” responses.

fourth of july:
bbq at auntie ling’s house.
watched fireworks with my adorable, animated cousins.

tina, josh and i saw minority report.

i tried on the most charming wedding gown while
visiting leslie on the haight.

[picture by tina]

go spiderman!

miki, tina, hikaru, and i snuck a six pack of bass ale
into the movie theatre to see spiderman tonight.
we were obnoxiously loud.

tuesday night

rick and i headed off to phuturo and impulse.

“hey there sweet thang, we should hit *hiccup* err hang out sometime.”
had enough whiskey there alex? :)


guess whose panties these belong to..