we made a film

the 72 hour film shootout is a nationwide competition organized by aafilmlab
where filmmaking teams have 72 hours to write, shoot, edit and produce short films
up to five minutes in length on a common theme.

this year’s theme was “a first goodbye.”

for 56 grueling hours, we sweat, bled and made “cold war”:

here’s a quick behind the scenes shot taken by tomur:


more about us here:

le weekend

although i love acting,
i’m not pursuing it as a career.
it’s just one of many hobbies, like taking pictures and playing records.
however, when a project comes along that fascinates me,
i try my best to be a part of it.

and other times, i just luck out.
i worked with felicia on the set of boxed up and superhero last month.
so when she asked me if i would be down to play a high school tomboy
for this short film she was directing, called detention, i was like, “oh hell yeah i’m down!”

carla, who plays one of my sisters.


saturday, cat, tom and i ran around the embarcadero singing and dancing
to the whole sound of music soundtrack.

we came up with this ingenious idea of gathering all of our friends
to remake that one scene where maria and the von trapp kids are running around town,
riding bikes, climbing trees, singing and dancing,
“do a deer a female deer. ray a drop of golden sun!”
how awesome would that be?!
a bunch of us in costumes made of flowery curtain fabric,
running around san francisco singing and dancing exactly like how they did in the movie!

muni bus whooshing by.


the little kid in front of me kept looking back at me, so i snapped a pic of him.


saturday night, josh’s birthday at the sold out kid koala show.
kid koala looks like. well. a kid.


mike relm. suffused in pink lighting.


[note infamous puppet sex scene from team america in the background]

i was trashed by the time i made it to club whisper for the evilbreaks/spacecowboy party.


brandon was so excited to see me that he grabbed my hand
and took me all around the club to introduce me to everyone as his girlfriend.
i thought it was incredibly cute.

currently listening to:
i’ve been listening to mike relm’s radio fryer all day. great, fun track selection.
everything from falco’s rock me amadeus to fur elise rmxed.
you all need to go to his site and get a copy. for real.

here’s a sample.

relm & josie

play it now. my baby..

i lost my voice screaming with joey, cat and tom
during the encore performance.


“you are the sun, i am the moon.
you are the words, i am the tune. play me.”

corniest lyrics ever,
but coming from him,
it was like.. magic.


joe and i dressed up as:


piled into the muni with our already inebrious friends


jamie and jenny as pippy and the nun


and headed off to the castro district, san francisco.


it was MADNESS.


the streets were supersaturated with over 100,000 festive drunkards dressed as:

the ronald mcdonald mafia, anna nicole smith, transvestite hookers,
characters from the royal tenenbaum, dr. seuss, naughty priests,
king kong..



nekkid dude


free breast examing ghoul


and other naughty, crazy, creative costumes.
i had an excellent time..

though this year, i felt a little ill with the massive hoard of non-costumed thugs who had no reason
to be there except to get drunk, be disrespectful, start shit and harass women.

wtf? it’s too bad that you can’t filter out crap like that from enormous events like these.