happy (chinese) new year!

used to say i hated wedding photography,
but then after two or three, i realized it’s like documentary filmmaking (which i miss tons).
you run around like a ninja (or a mouse might be a better analogy for me)
trying not to get into anyone’s way,
finding, capturing awesome little moments.

this year, u-shin and i have decided to venture into wedding photography land.

new york wedding photographers, u-shin & veanne

yes, gallery is small. we’re still building. :)

subway song

had lunch with yvonne when i was in los angeles back in february
and we talked about working together again.

when she texted me last month, “hey girl! i’m coming to new york!”
i figured it’d be a great opportunity to shoot one of the vignettes for the love cats,
a feature i’ve been writing, working on.

frame grab.


casting her counterpart was… frustrating.
so many overzealous actors who lacked talent and exuded insincerity.

when u-shin came in for his audition,
he had this sweet, charismatic disposition that made me immediately like him.
he nailed the scene on the first take and was down to play around with me;

i had to cast him.

in some shots, u-shin reminds me of a young miu kiu wai.