hey ma

i had dinner a few nights ago with phan and two of his finance friends.
listening to the two of them talk felt like watching a pissing contest.
money money hot bitches dumb bitches “only time i want to see fat people is in the gym”

and all i kept thinking was, wow.
i am so far removed from that world.

talent is sexier than muscles,
and a sweet guy would win my heart any day over a guy with disposable income.

but not like it matters anyway,
because no one loves me this year
so i spent valentine’s evening with a pizza,
editing pictures from a quick shoot from the previous day.

the rest are up at mackler studios.

currently listening to:
i think this is my favorite winehouse track.
since i’ve come on home, well my body’s been a mess.


happy vday

an olive tree from a secret admirer.

olive tree

anna howard shaw day

did i ever tell you how much i hate roses? esp. red roses?
did i ever tell you about how this one time i told a boy that i hated red roses
and then one day he gave me a single red rose?
i know he had good intentions,
but i f’in hate red roses. and boxes of chocolates. and fancy restaurants.
on valentine’s day.

the way into my heart: meat and grease.

mr. demarco, you slay me.


di fara, one and a half hours later.


good pizza,
but doesn’t quite live up to all the hype.

no flowers or chocolate for valentine's

but i got fresh mochi balls. :D


and it was like the very last scene in sixteen candles,
except better because he cooked fresh crab and sushi.

currently listening to:
the roommates and i watched the wedding singer yesterday
and i got all teary-eyed when he sang to her on the plane.

i wanna grow old with you

the anti-valentines

date & time: this saturday afternoon, february 14th, 2004

deelio: hang out with the dorado terrace girls (and meet lisa, our newest addition),
bread and brie, zoolander, get scissor happy and swap clothes

what to bring:
• old clothes you don’t want anymore
• old clothes you can’t fit anymore (cause your dumbass ate too many korean noodles)
• snacks to share
• scissors, duct tape, safety pins..

where: our flat.
if you don’t know where that is,
email me.

no drama hoes or penises.


to spare myself from sounding like a jilted poopy pants,
quarantined from the cookie cutter valentine’s day promise of red roses and chocolate,
i will only say

that i honestly haven’t had a good valentine’s day since the second grade.

that year,
mrs. harold had us decorate multicolored construction paper mailboxes with our names on it.
my mailbox was purple with a big ol’ red heart in the center
and crayola white daisies all around.
thus, the birth of my career as a graphic designer. ;)

i spent that evening in the dining room with my mom
filling in thirty-two my little pony valentine’s day cards.
i had a crush on patrick that year,
so i chose *the best* card out of the pack,
meticulously wrote his name on it and drew a heart next to it.

the most exciting part for me was the next day,
flouncing around the classroom,
sticking the cards in my classmates’ mailboxes.

that’s how valentine’s day should be..
and i miss that.
so that’s what i did this year.


thanks to the trusting people who sent me their mailing addresses.